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  1. robhall

    Way too much adhesive residue on mosaic tiles

    can't help but think it would have been cheaper to usea professional !!!
  2. robhall

    Branch on open vented system

    It is in fact an aerjec or airsep these are made by several companies Myson being one. They do in fact allow air to exit the system via the expansion pipe, but their main function is to provide a nuetral pressure point within the system so that the pump always has the same pressure in front of...
  3. robhall

    Value of scrap copper

    Jeez another one, probably wanted the job done for nothing, then tries to do the guy out of a few bob in perks. bet his a--e sqeeks when he walks.
  4. robhall


    yes thats a good idea, you can hang your towels on the floor then. :)
  5. robhall

    how can the hot water tank heat up when CH is off?

    This has got to be a wind up surely. nobody can be that dim.
  6. robhall

    cast iron radiator leaking!

    Dont even attempt to weld it, I'm a coded welder and it won't work. cast iron will crack if heated to welding or brazing temperatures in one spot. drill out, tap, and put in screw with sealant on it, as suggested previously.
  7. robhall

    Ideal Isar HE30 not heating water sufficiently.

    'WARMFRONT' say no more |||
  8. robhall


    Better if it was a towel rail. more in keeping as were ???
  9. robhall

    Blocked drain?

    Take the grate up, stick your arm down, and pull the crap out of the gully trap., it takes about five minutes.
  10. robhall

    pinholes in hep2o plastic pipe

    As this is a nursing home, I take it that the pipe-work would be regularly chlorinated to prevent legionella etc, as is the case in the hospitals I work in. If so, plastic pipe is suscepitble to high doses of chlorine, maybe that is the problem.