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  1. SithLordHood

    How to Move internet fibre broadband?

    Use this: It comes with a coupler to connect your existing fibre cable to the extended one. Unplug the green capped fibre from your Openreach box (hard tug), try it in situ with the coupler and...
  2. SithLordHood

    Texecom Smartcom

    The easiest way is to log into your new ISP router and set the WiFi details (ssid and password) to be the same as what your old setup was. That way the Smart Comm will re-establish the WiFi link.
  3. SithLordHood

    Texecom Connect App iOS - cant login

    On the ios app i added a new site using the code from the alarm panel i generated, it did not add a new site like i thought it would, rather it said something like 'success' and then just showed my exisiting site in the app. It all then worked ok from then on, i did a sync panel on the app just...
  4. SithLordHood

    Texecom Connect App iOS - cant login

    Finally looked at this - got it all working again by generating a new app code on the panel and entering it on the iOS app.
  5. SithLordHood

    Texecom Connect App iOS - cant login

    Hi, I hae been using the Texecom app for around 1yr, recently upgraded to the new version 2, all was working ok. Last night i added a few extra sensors to the alarm, did not change anything else. When i now try and log in via the App, i get a "panel code not found" message with a "please...
  6. SithLordHood

    Texecom App v2.0.20 issue reading sensor temperatures

    Ok, thanks for your help. Ill live without it for now, hopefully Texecom will release a fix at some point.
  7. SithLordHood

    Texecom App v2.0.20 issue reading sensor temperatures

    Still cant get it to work, even with short names...
  8. SithLordHood

    Texecom App v2.0.20 issue reading sensor temperatures

    I recently upgraded the iOS Texecom app to v2.0.20 I notice when i look in 'Rooms & Devices', under security only certain sensors report back a temperature. All the ones that do were added to the panel back when i was using the old app. Since using the new app i added some more sensors to the...
  9. SithLordHood

    Help in finding matching tiles

    I need some tiles (or as close to as possible) that match my existing ones in my Kitchen. I have looked at various places and cant seem to find the exact tiles. The tiles have been down perhaps 15 years or so, it may be the case they are not manufactured any more. Any help would be greatly...
  10. SithLordHood

    Texecom Ricochet RF Devices Page

    This is my own thread!
  11. SithLordHood

    texecom ricochet won't connect

    This is the version number of the Ricochet software, not IP. I'm having the same issue here, if i open Ricochet from Wintex it loads fine, if i try and open Ricochet Monitor and enter the IP of my panel with port as 10001 i cant connect..
  12. SithLordHood

    Texecom Ricochet RF Devices Page

    I try to connect to my panel using the monitor software but it wont connect, i am on the same subnet as the alarm, enter the alarm IP, leave the port as default (10001) but when i hit connect it says 'Unable to connect to Premier Elite XP-W!'
  13. SithLordHood

    Texecom Ricochet RF Devices Page

    So it wont work for the new GJA and GHA series sensors? How can i get battery and signal strength information?
  14. SithLordHood

    Texecom Ricochet RF Devices Page

    Hi, I dont see any of my zones when i access the RF devices page.. any ideas why? I am running Wintex_7_2_2_1 (latest), selecting Diagnostics button then navigating to Control Panel > RF Devices. If i select Network 1 > Ricochet XP01 Devices i see all of my wireless devices as i should, just...
  15. SithLordHood

    Dimplex Opti-Myst fires

    I thought i would share my experience: Purchased a Opti-Myst fireplace back in Dec 2019. Ran for a week or two, noticed the bulbs (and the water tank) get very hot during use! After reading somewhere (may have been on here) they suggested changing the 50W halogen bulbs for 30(35?) watt bulbs...
  16. SithLordHood

    Garage conversion and build over !

    Looking really good! Great work
  17. SithLordHood

    Texecom Zone Chime Options

    Great, thanks for the replies.
  18. SithLordHood

    Texecom Zone Chime Options

    In Wintex i have an option for each zone to configure a chime tone. There are 4 options, silent and chime tone 1,2 &3 no matter which of the three chimes i select the keypad and alarm unit only ever chime the same tones. Are the three different chime settings suppose to omit a different tone?
  19. SithLordHood

    Texecom Prem Elite - Codes & Tag query

    Thanks for the replies guys, ill do away with the tags and just use the codes.
  20. SithLordHood

    Texecom Premiere Elite Log Error

    So should i worryu about it? How can i prevent it? Cheers