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    help! with kidde smoke alarm wiring install

    Can I ask why the CPC must be connected throughout its entire run?
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    testing electric blankets

    Reality check. Last I heard companies were down to 89p per test due to competition. It's just stickers on plugs.
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    whats the diffrence

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    My light bulbs are making a ticking sound

    Are these low energy lamps and is the problem with 2-way switching?
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    My sexy DB's.. (Even if I do say so myself..)

    flyingsparks walks away thinking "Always thought the Bethlehem Empire was a tough gig but this lot are ****ing perfect".
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    Calling RF...

    I've changed my name and had a sex change. Just post it here.
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    series and paralell

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    2 way switches

    Does it ever cross anybody else's mind that sometimes there are posts on this forum from other sites looking to test DIYnot and trying to have a laugh?
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    Self resetting room stat?

    I love it when a plan comes together.
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    Self resetting room stat?

    Back in the early Eighties I was the Franchise Operator of a new-build fast food restaurant. I was intrigued as opening day approached to see one of the contractors fitting a thermostat in the dining area - it was a dummy. Apparantly it was a well-known trick back in the US that customers...
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    Fixing a light

    It's a wind-up.
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    calculating power

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    Should change her name to Nelson then...
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    2391 in the bag!

    Passed my 2330 last year. Passed 2391 this year. Booked into the 17th course this month. Currently working at a call centre. Go figure...
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    How to become an electrician

    Started 2330 3 years ago. 2391 beginning of this year. 17th in Sept. I'm 48. And after been made redundant in July - working in a call centre.
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    MCB Tripping

    Say red backwards...