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    combi or system boiler?

    Hi, We are having a loft conversion and we're a bit confused over which option to go for combi or system boiler? our cold water pressure is 22L/min. I have been advised to have installed a worcester-bosch 42 cdi this gives an output of 17l/min will this be sufficient for a shower in the...
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    AICO radiolink smoke dectors

    Hi , as a house holder (who's is also industrial electrician with 16th edition regs) can i install aico radiolink smoke detectors in my house without informing building control, part p etc? they have a battery back up so do not need to be wired into an indipendant circuit at dist board...
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    minimum depth of footing .

    Hi, We currently have a conservatory that we would like converting into a single story extension. I have dug down and discovered the footings are deep of concrete with the dampcourse about 3 brick courses above this height. Am I right in thinking that we will have to have new...
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    Loft Extension , minor works certificate?

    Hi, I am about to have a loft conversion carried out on my house. in my loft I have a lighting circuit feed and a 13a socket feed currently feeding arial booster via 13amp socket. I work in industry as an electrician so am out of date with current domestic (part p)requirements although I...
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    Best option for loft conversion.

    Hi, I'm looking into having my loft converted into an en-suite bedroom. currently I have a header tank etc in the loft, there is an area where the tanks could be moved to in the loft. As the stairs to the loft are going where the immersion tank currently lives what are the best options...