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    Megaflo Eco 210 Indirect Unvented Hot Water Max/Min Temp

    I'm concerned about the temperature of the hot water in my house and that the cylinder thermostat may not be working correctly. I have an Heatrae Sadia Megaflo Eco 210Si Indirect Unvented Hot Water Twin Coil Solar Cylinder and Potterton ProMax18SL boiler. I'd like to know what the max/min...
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    Hot water too hot?? Help!!

    Also I suspect the water temperature from the mixer units is cooler as they are designed to prevent scalding so will be premixing the hot with some cold water. They may have numbers indicating temperature on them but I doubt they are accurate.
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    Hot water too hot?? Help!!

    As suggested earlier, check the water temperature, I thought my water was far too hot so checked it with a cheap cooking thermometer. Varies between 60-70 degrees C, AND Unbearable to touch!! From my understanding the water should be kept at around 60 degrees to ensure bacteria are killed off...
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    Potterton Promax 18 SL Very Loud Intermittent Noise

    My Potterton Promax 18SL boiler is making very loud intermittent cyclical vibrating noises lasting for 10's for anything up to 1 minute. It sounds like it could be a fan of some kind but I don't understand why it would be only making noises intermittently. Adjusting the c/h thermostats or...