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    insulating a loft when joists are already boarded over

    Make sure you lap over the edges of the ceilings over the external walls but, as mentioned above, allow the flow of ventilation in to the loft space via the eaves ( edge of roof). If the insulation is shy of the external walls it will cause black spots on the underside of the ceiling ( thermal...
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    Exterior vertical crack on period terraced house

    Seems like it's been added and the houses are on an angle to each other. The bricks haven't cracked through the face, indicating that there is no evidence of overloading and no running mortar cracks so no evidence of foundation issues such as deflection or heave. Any signs of damp on the inside?
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    Foundation detail for timber extension

    howdy all. I was wondering which foundation to use for a timber single storey extension, roughly 3m X 3m. I was edging towards a raft but I'm struggling to design the detail of the sole plate. And disguising the edge of the raft above ground level. There is no brickwork skin. I was going to...