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    Patio sub base

    Hello, I’m going to be laying porcelain paving in my new build garden shortly. At the moment the garden is just the soil that was dumped and levelled out by the builder after construction was complete. I had a new build previously and last time when I did the garden I dug out back to the...
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    Patching Damaged Ceiling

    Hello all, My parents have had a leek and had to cut into the ceiling to fix and have asked me to sort the ceiling now. I boarded it and skimmed it 2 years ago so its still pretty new. My plan is: Cut out damaged area and reboard (about half a meter to a meter square) Scrim the joints to the...
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    Lintel Installation 1st Floor Window

    Window is about 1.5m wide. There is a concrete lintel on the inner leaf so its just the outer leaf I'm working on.
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    Lintel Installation 1st Floor Window

    Hello Chaps, Looking to replace the bathroom window on first floor, gable end but there is no lintel currently and the 1st course of bricks above shows signs of dropping. My problem is the distance from the ground to above the window where i need to install the props/strongboys is about 5.3m...
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    Latex Plus or Hardi Backerboard or both

    Thanks for all the replies guys. Ill give the backboard a miss then seen as its such a small area and just use keraquick mixed with latex plus to make it S2.
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    Sliding Wardrobe Doors

    Can anyone recommend a good place to get sliding wardrobe doors from. Im ideally looking for some mirrored with a chrome frame. Im open to other suggestions but I have looked at all the likes of B&Q and they only really seem to stock the shocker style doors. All the online places seem really...
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    Latex Plus or Hardi Backerboard or both

    I'm soon to be moving into my new build house and will be tiling the upstairs ensuite which is approx 2 Sqm and will have a t&g chipboard floor. Unfortunately the walls are built on top of the floor so removing the chipboard is not really an option. My intention is the use large format...
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    Which Brand Paint

    Hopefully I will soon be moving in to a new house and will need to do a fair bit of painting. So my question is which is the best emulsion as I will need quite a bit. I'm talking quality of paint and cost. In the past I have always had dulux trade mixed at B&Q but I was in there yesterday and...
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    Porcelain Kitchen Floor

    Hello, I will soon be redoing my kitchen (7.5 m2 of tiles) and would like some advice on tiling the floor please. I will be reboarding with WBP ply and then tiling with porcelain tiles from topps. The floor is a suspended timber floor. I have done quite a bit of tiling before but only...
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    Where to buy upvc window online ?

    we've just had some from eurocell. good service and reasonably priced. I think there a national company so you probably have one near you.
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    Painting kitchen

    Hello, I am soon going to be redoing my kitchen, the walls and ceiling will be re-skimmed. My plan was to apply a white mist coat using leyland contract matt but I'm unsure which paint to go with for the top coat. I have read lots of different posts about this on different websites but...
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    Hardwall on thermalites

    Thanks for your help guys
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    Hardwall on thermalites

    Just looking for some advice before I plaster a new bit of wall that has been built with thermalite blocks. If I use hard wall how should I control the suction, I've seen lots of conflicting advice on this after looking around various forums. What would be the best option? 1. Pva the...
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    Permaroof Water-based Adhesive Problem. Anyone else?

    we did our gargage with EPDM using permaroof glue back in may and have been having the same problems with bubbling in the hot weather. We used OSB3 but thought it was due to when we fitted it the sun went in mid afternoon so wasnt doing it in the best condtions. Glad its not just us then.
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    Painting over mist coat

    Thanks for your help dec
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    Which radio

    Can't find anything on here about radios so here goes. I'm looking to get a radio for work (we do basement conversions so aren't working directly in somebody's house) preferably dab as you can get loads more stations. I've looked around at dab radios but there all little ones designed...
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    Painting over mist coat

    I've going to re skim some of the walls in my house, once done I will give them a mist coat using leyland contract matt. Once the mist coat is dry what should I use to paint over the mist coat is it ok to use vynl matt or should I get dulux flat matt? I've read vynl matt is easier to clean...
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    Best base for a 6 x 4 garden shed

    we have our 8 x 6 shed sitting on 3 x 2 concrete flags, never had any problems as long as you make sure there all bedded firmly and don't rock you shouldn't either. You will probably get some people tell you that you need to pour a concrete slab for it but in reality you don't, its only a...
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    How to get 1 or 2 kitchen items from Nobilia / kutchenhaus

    try going to kitchen haus - showrooms then give your nearest one a call and tell them what you want.
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    Flat roof cost

    thanks for all those who replied, I have had 2 other builders round over the weekend and am just waiting to hear back with a price now.