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    Current sensing relay ?

    Im fitting a cooling fan to my AV cabinet, mainly to assist in cooling a PS4 games console. However the PS4 doesnt have a "switched" USB outlet , they are permenatly live when the console is in standby and hence the fans will remain on all the time. So Is there a device/relay type of unit that...
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    Husky Beer Fridge thermostat

    We have a Husky worktop beer fridge that has started freezing any drinks bottles and cans put into it whatever setting its on. Im assuming, unless you experts advise me otherwise that the thermostat has gone.I have removed the thermostat and it has a part number WPF14B , but having searched all...
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    Gazebo heater options

    We have just erected a premenantly fixed steel gazebo/sunshade type of thing on the patio decking. We are now looking for a good heater that will efficiently take the chill out of a late summer evening. The Gazebo is 10x12 and is adjacent to the house. There seem to be loads available but...
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    Telephone outdoor ringer questions

    Heres a couple of pics, of the bell......I was going to use it as an alarm for my shed, but needing about 70 volts at 16-25 Hz is going to get complicated
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    Telephone outdoor ringer questions

    I came across an outdoor ringer (bell type) that obviousley operated when the phone rang inside. Please excuse my utter lack of Telephone technical info. The "ringer" has two small cores coming from it where it has been taken of the wall. How do I test the "ringer" without connecting it in...
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    Water Pump for a garden game

    Good idea, a hose on a slow flow........;-)
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    Water Pump for a garden game

    I need some inspiration from you expert chaps, Ive been tasked with creating a "Hook a Duck" game for a kids party, Im intending to use a paddling pool to float the plastic ducks in, but to make it a little more interesting for the little ones, im looking for a way to "move" the water around...
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    Treating new Garden Decking

    Just had a 27 x 9 decking fitted over our patio area, and Im looking to give it a few coats of "something" to protect and keep it looking good. Its treated and apparently durable as it is, but Id like to apply a product to keep it that way. Aside from Google and B&Q I have no knowledge of what...
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    Spray Painting Advice

    I have just bought a good DIY compressor (14 CFM/130psi) and a budget spray gun from Machine Mart to have a go at spray painting, I have just painted, using rattle cans, a new fuel tank destined to be fitted to my Escort project, and I severely misjudged how many cans I would need to achieve a...
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    Compressor fitting types

    Purchased a new Compressor, a SIP Airmate TN3.0/50D, I have bought a basic starter kit of tools simply gain a little experience in using it, however my first lesson learnt the usal hard way was that there are a few different types of fittings. Can anyone advise me the correct type of connector I...
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    Identifying a type of Rivet

    Hope you guys can help me out, I am restoring a car that has a universal joint in the gear change assembly. To re-plate the various pieces I had to dis-assemble the UJ joint which meant drilling out what I call a rivet type fixing as shown in the attached pics...I did intend replacing the joint...
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    Cooling Fan with Thermostat Control

    Thanks Guys, thats cleared it up nicely, my ageing brain couldnt see the wood for the tree's so to speak, Thanks again Chaps much appreciated ;-) ;-)
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    Cooling Fan with Thermostat Control

    I must be missing something, sorry I should have provided more detail.... The relay I have is a N/O unit with only TWO terminals, the contact is made as the bi-mettalic strip bends etc etc. The instructions state the N/O contact CLOSES with rising temperature , so what I cant figure is why...
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    Cooling Fan with Thermostat Control

    Can someone back me up with this issue, I have what claims to be a N/O Thermostatic Switch that I intend to use to extract warm air from an AV cabinet. The infro from the RS website and the Data plate confirm that it is a N/O type. However, when set at 0 degrees C, the contact is CLOSED and as...
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    DIY blast Cabinet/Compressor Advice

    Im looking to buy the Machine Mart DIY sandblasting cabinet, and a compressor (links below) to suit. The blaster cabonet requires 10CFM @ 8 Bar. However the compressors I am looking at or in my budget seem to stop at 9.5CFM with 8 Bar. Obviousley its slightly underpowered for the cabinets...
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    Concept remote keypad

    Tried disconnecting battery running in mains alone.....same thing happens. Do these rely on having A battery in permanently
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    Concept remote keypad

    We have a concept alarm with a remote keypad fitted. This morning while disarming. After pressing the last digit. All leds started all flashing and buzzing noises came from the master panel.....apologies for lack of info that's all I have been told at the moment. Any ideas chaps
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    Repairing Patio.....

    Our Patio has a couple of loose flags and needs re-grouting as its all either washed or worn away.... what should I be using to re-lay the loose flags, simply a sand and cement mix ? And what is the best method of re-grouting the whole patio, I think originally a dry mix of sand/cement was...
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    CCTV Basic Questions

    Please excuse my nievity, Im looking to install a basic CCTV system at our Property, mainly to watch over the vehicles parked on the drive. The rear of the Property is quite secure and not generally accesible unless accessed through the front so a simple two camera system would be fine. However...
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    Energy Saving Socket

    I quite a lot of AV equipment in a closed cupboard that Id like to turn off when the actual TV is in standby, My question being, do these energy saving multi plug sockets work with TV's switching in and out of standby, ie: will the socket see the TV go into standby and therefore switch the other...