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    Sorry meant loose lay perforated layer

    Sorry meant loose lay perforated layer
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    Hi whit the way I carry out my torch on system is by laying a loose lay perforated layer then...

    Hi whit the way I carry out my torch on system is by laying a loose lay perforated layer then torching on a 2mm underlay layer. Finally finishing with mineral torched down layer. The reason for laying the loose lay mineral layer is to allow for movement in the roof. I wouldn't tack down the...
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    EPDM Parapet gutter

    Your architect wants sacking. Is advise you to employ a roofer to carry out your box gutter for you. Do it in fibreglass, cheaper than lead and will last 40-50 years or more of installed correctly. Doing this will be cheaper in the long run. Because no offence what you have there at the moment...
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    Liquid rubber (or EPDM) onto existing polycarbonate roof

    If you plan on staying there then start whole thing again. Rip it all out install new rafters at 400mm centres. Install new 18mm osb (Stirling boards) and then fibreglass the roof. There are plenty of good tutorials on YouTube showing you how to fibreglass. If you do it this way you will never...
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    Liquid rubber (or EPDM) onto existing polycarbonate roof

    Your rafters will have to be lot closer together than 1.5 meters apart to install any type of flat roof onto. They should be at 400mm centres but you will get away with 600mm if you want to save a little money and time. You cannot install new boards on current polycarbonate boards it will be A...
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    Adjacent garage roof... Asbestos?

    I would say 90% that they are asbestos. Just put a mask on and grind the bolts off and lift them of in full sheets. Evan if they are fibre cement they would still be treated as when you try to dispose of them. Most household tips will take them but it will all have to be baged and sealed. There...
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    Roof Vent Madness

    Meant 100mm sorry
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    Roof Vent Madness

    If your roof needs replacing at any point you could lay 10mm insulation on top off your rafters. Then counter batten. Then felt, batten and tile. Giving you a energy efficient warm roof
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    Condensation or a Roof Leak?

    You should have breathable felt installed running down the valley before the valley troaths are installed. My guess off the top of my head would be to check if there is a lead saddle installed at the top of the valley
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    Shed (workshop) apex roof covering material?

    Hi if it was me I would fibreglass it. Providing you are planning on staying at the property. I have fibreglassed the roof of my shed. Meaning it needn't need doing ever again. If you would like to see any photos of this or require a quotation let me know. Cheers
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    Flashing Soakers with Profiled Tiles

    he doesn't have a clue what his talking about these tiles over lap 3 - 4" s so you will just have loads of ugly soakers showing. you only need lead flashings covering the bold part of tiles. ur wasting time and money with soakers
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    Roof Vent Madness

    sorry is your property detached?
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    Roof Vent Madness

    hi is your detached
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    Quotation for guttering soffits etc. - please comment

    just because he isn't using scaffolding it doesn't mean you will get a worse job. also depends which tiles you have on your roof with regards to the verge. would you like another quote? from us
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    joist size for 4.6 meter flat roof

    Hi 8x2's is fine for that
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    Box gutter

    Hi did they state that box gutter would be done in there quote?
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    New driveway cost?

    Hi Block paving finish will be approx. £100-£120 pm, concrete finish would be half that
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    Down pipe deadend!

    Hi if the wall is blown then it will need attention to prevent further damage. is it solid when you tap it? if so then area of render will need to be repaired. Also I think it would be worth coating area with 2 coats of thompsons waterseal.
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    installing a new plain tile roof in west molesey

    installing a new plain tile roof in west molesey