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    Gas hob burners not working

    Hi experts, We have a 5 ring gas hob and one of the burners has never worked. Today we have lost another. Both seem to work whilst holding the starter down but once I let it off it's like the gas stops. Is there a realistic fix for this or is it time for a new one? Thanks in advance for any...
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    Heating not working after removing towel rail

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of replacing my bathroom and have removed the heated towel rail for plastering and painting (quite a while ago now, admittedly). I tried to put the heating on the other day, and none of the radiators warmed up. My initial thoughts were along the lines of "not a...
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    Cheapest way to fit in a new bathroom suite and tiling

    Let us know how yo get on! Im just waiting for the plaster to dry before stage two. fingers crossed for us both
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    GoPro Video to Hudl 2

    Have you tried installing VLC on your hudl? This could prevent your need to convert at all.
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    Cheapest way to fit in a new bathroom suite and tiling

    Depending on access from above, you may want to fit (or at least chase and wire) your lights before you plaster? I'm also wondering why if you are a tiler, you can't remove the old tiles yourself? This could be a day or more work for a job you could do yourself in a few evenings. Another way...
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    Bath draining speed when toilet not plumbed

    There is, about 3 or 4 meters from the stack. I've just run both taps through the bath and gone outside to check it and it appears to be flowing fine
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    Bath draining speed when toilet not plumbed

    Thanks both for your help! Had a bit of sucking and blowing but not as much as I expected. I did also noticing a bit of gurgling. Time to find a big ladder I think, unless anyone knows a method to unblock without?
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    Bath draining speed when toilet not plumbed

    No haven't been capped off, that seems like a logical first test for when I get home. So if I cap them off and immediately get the same problem, am I looking at a ventilation issue?
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    Bath draining speed when toilet not plumbed

    Hi all, The bath / shower in our bathroom has never really drained properly, and often needs unblocking. I had a plumber come and look at it, but he said that it was because the waste had been plumbed wrong, and that it was not a job he wanted to get involved in. Since then we've just been...
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    Decking advice please

    I recently helped a friend with some decking and found the timber merchant very helpful in deciding how many posts / joists / beams. I'm sure someone knowledgeable will be along in here as well though. Is there any reason you aren't putting your posts straight into the concrete? I did it this...
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    vpn key

    Tor is significantly slower than a VPN, so I doubt this is what you need.
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    vpn key

    'Darknet' and VPNs are different things. What is it you want to achieve?
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    Android Phone Problem

    I had a similar problem, factory reset is all I could do. It returned after a couple of months though, so in the end I replaced it. I believe it was a bug in the networks branding of the OS
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    There are plenty of free options, but you really need to ask yourself if I am not paying for this service with money, what am I paying for it with? VPNs are pretty cheap these days. If security is important to you then consider a paid for service.
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    Fitting new toilet

    Cheers for your assistance folks. Went for this in the end, and worked great. Cheaper than the plastic one I bought first time round, and much more flexible. Was trying to avoid compression joints as I decided push fit would suit a novice like me but glad I gave it a go.
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    Fitting new toilet

    No blank unfortunately, although clearly that pan would take it either side
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    Fitting new toilet

    Cheers doggit. I bought a flexi with a valve yesterday but it was nowhere near as bendy as I imagined. Think I may just give up on the isolator and cross my fingers for no problems!
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    Hiding TV power cables

    Definitely worth adding a new socket. The easiest way to do this usually is as a spur from a nearby socket. YouTube and these forums will help you. Take your time when filling over the cables to make sure you get the best finish you can, using a nice thin mix of filler for the final layer.
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    Fitting new toilet

    Hi all, I'm in the process of fitting a new toilet. The new toilet has its inlet on the opposite side to the last, and the clean water pipe comes horizontally making using a flexible tap connector a bit awkward. I would ideally also like to add an isolator valve too. Hopefully the attached...
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    Leaking bath help

    Cheers for the reply Dave. I will double check that tonight. Seems unlikely though as I have also just resealed around all edges too. If that's all it is though I'll be happy!