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    thank you so Does this look right for wiring up my hive system
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    Second image
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    trying to understand my heating system. I have a heat only boiler in the garage and hot water cylinder upstairs in the wiring cuboard. I also see I have a pressure gauge which is confusing me as it’s a vented cylinder. Also s plan y plan system which one have I got any help appreciated
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    Diverter valve

    Managed to find one luckily all Measures up Correctly so hopefully problem solved tempted to buy a couple lol
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    Diverter valve

    Hope not lol will be a nightmare as it’s in the extension and can’t be accessed from the back
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    Diverter valve

    Got water leaking from diverted valve I think. anyone any idea on what’s parts are needed. Is there a common part that goes on these. Only been installed 3 years thank you regards david
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    Concrete pad to park car on...How much ?????

    I’m only in Kettering if you’d like a free quotation regards david
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    PVC cladding - Kitchen ceiling

    I’ve done it for a customer and it still looks good 2 years on. Suppose it depends on personal taste tbf
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    Do I have laminate or wood floor

    Looks like laminate to me tbh
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    Nail gun for feather edge fencing

    Need a first fix gun mate
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    Bath top leaking

    Tbh it’s the only way I know
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    Bath top leaking

    I always batten around the bath when fitting one for the bath to sit on. Never had a call back yet
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    Need some advice and thoughts on a quote.

    Near have I but just googled it
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    Shower tray cracked after 4 months

    Never ever had to drill a tray before
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    Shower tray riser trim

    Try searching 90mm flat trim Regards david
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    Shower enclosure (tiled)

    Google geo wall panels they are 5 mm thick and will do the trick Regards david
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    no hot water flow on new tap

    What boiler you got pressurised or vented Regards david
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    Not enough height for build-in oven under hob, what to do?

    You could take that shelf out and but some metal angle hangers and lower it that way or simply lower the shelf