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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all.
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    Insulation between floor joists of a shed

    Nice comment Richard, spot on as usual.
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    render? plaster? insulated pb?

    Ha-ha what a first post to read when I come back an look in after all these months lol. my tuppence, I'd render it all up flush an square then stick insulated plasterboard over it, How ?, lay the adhesives on the p/board with a notch tilers trowel an stick it that way. why ?, I had to use...
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    Read and take a deep breath before replying

    Just wanted to say dam good post Micilin. I agree entirely with. I can’t see that it is a good idea to put stronger /heavier material onto weaker/lighter material (without fixings) as this one of the basic principles of building/plastering /engineering . Its not something I would ever of...
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    Have a good Christmas...

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to One and all, Marshman.
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    Plasterboard Ceiling Levelling advice.

    If your plasterer is any good he'll lose that for you without batting a eyelid, just point out its there when he comes to price up.
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    Plastering in my extension

    Hire a needle gun to remove paint. your pipes will need to be chopped into the brickwork then covered with pipe insulation, then eml expanding mesh fix over the pipe channels.
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    Lime mortar mix

    I think 1.1.5 is to hard for the old bricks. My house is 1870's and I used plastering sand mixed at 10. 3 lime & 1 cement for the laying and pointing of all my brickwork above the engineering bricks.
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    Shared wall on boundry line

    Could such an arrangement cause any issues in the future? Yes it can, you should be prepared to pay all solicitors costs to have the house deeds amended. Go and have a read on this site and the problems people have with boundary disputes...
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    System Cases Bottom cases are spares.
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    Newbee internal rendering - my first!

    Nice job. Little tip, If you have another like this, board your bit of ceiling before you render it will help stop the render pealing away from the top and help with the ceiling line, skim ceiling before walls to save you having to clean away any splashes.
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    Help please! Rusting beading on new house

    I'm thinking they was stuck on with finish.
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    Lean-to type shed plans (garden/bin store)

    I don't know of any plans but with a roof that falls towards a door way needs a gutter to drain into.
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    Soil pipe through foundations

    Your soil pipe should be bedded on 50 mm of pea shingle, it should be covered over and all round with 50 mm minimum of pea shingle, if you use a 150 mm pipe as your duct, plug each end both side of your footing trench then back fill over the ends with shingle, the sheet or ply is stood up the...
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    Nail Gun for concrete

    I've used both the dx 36, dx450 & 450 copy, the 36 you really need the nail with the plastic star type washer or other wise the nail drops out if you point the gun down. the 450 you ram load the nail as you cock the gun and they tend to stay put. the 360 is better suited if you are going to...
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    Help please! Rusting beading on new house

    Look like Hibuild to me.
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    Removing Tyrolean from UPVC windows

    I was cleaning concrete splashes off glass last week with a Stanley scraper, the one with a Stanley blade, worked well, not a scratch left on the glass.
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    basic pillar drill recomendation

    Model No. B16-16 They are about £250. now, I paid about £160 but that was a few years ago, Its done quite a lot of work and I have even used it as a up right wood lathe for turning small handles. The motor is the weak point, they get to hot to touch when doing a lot of heavy work I took the...
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    basic pillar drill recomendation

    I have a oldish sip one and the hp rating of the motor is over rated, I cooked the motor after about an hour drilling and counter sinking 8 mm mild steel. the drill its self is sturdy enough but if you want accurate drilling of say a 6.1 mm hole then the tiny bit of play in the spindle would...
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    New celing

    yer but it don't squash out of the trowel and in to your face that way. :lol: