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    Biasi Riva m90 24s DHW problem

    This model has a diagphram and it could be that ? Turn the central heating on and run the hot tap at the same time and see if it works ok.If so it's a 30min job and the last one i did cost about £9.
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    Boiler certificates

    As someone who buys and sells houses pretty regularly i can tell you that certificates are not necessary.I have just sold one with a kitchen extension and no certificate and it cost me £100 insurance indemnity.That was the third indemnity i have paid for in 18 months. If the person wants the...
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    soldering - butane or propane

    Try playing the flame more on the pipe than on the fitting. Andy. So that's where i've been going wrong for 40 years :lol: Don't they teach you anything on these courses ?
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    Swiftflow 100 PLEASE HELP

    I was fitting these boilers in the nineties so you might want to think about upgrading as they were not the best boilers ever made. The pump is about £150 + though there are a few on the bay of fleas :lol:
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    Cast iron water pipe > compression fittings?

    a 22mm comp fitting will fit 3/4 galvanised.
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    bath sink waste

    P trap is fine & solvent pipe will fit a compression fitting.
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    Gas Fire installation

    I have done many on council contracts using flexi liner then twin wall boxed in through bedroom/whatever terminating in a vented ridge tile.
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    Ford Fusion brake warning lights on

    Help please with a 2006 ford fusion that has had the abs light on for about a month.we had the wheel sensors checked and the rear ones replaced and the light went out (yesterday) My wife has just phoned me to say both lights have come on and the speedo not working....any ideas please ? thanks:
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    my biasi m90e 24s boiler stopped working

    You did not answer my question. If the fan turns it could be the flue.full sequence,air pressure switch,venturi etc. If it does not turn then try pump,main flow switch,main temp probe and as above.
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    Lead pipe/stopcock problem

    I've still got some stick solder from times past 8) Once froze a pipe and sweated a joint about 1 foot away....scary
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    Cold Bath Tap

    could be you've got a cold water tank feeding the bath ?
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    Lead pipe/stopcock problem

    Hacksaw......but like burnerman says it could be tricky :?: I've been plumbing for nearly 40 years so it's easy for me to say but good luck if you go for it....easy :wink:
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    Lead pipe/stopcock problem

    There are a few sizes so you will/might need to take a small piece with you. probably 1/2 inch code 7 :?: but could be 3/4 so take a piece with you.
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    my biasi m90e 24s boiler stopped working

    does the lockout red light come on ?
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    Lead pipe/stopcock problem

    If you can shut the water off then fit a leadlock fitting like this. then fit a stoptap after the fitting.
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    Weeping Cast iron soil pipe socket branch

    There are a few products for repairing cast. Is it broken or is it just a leaking joint ? If cracked this might do it or even a GOOD silicone might work.
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    Copper Shower fittings

    You need a male iron x copper like these they come in straight or bent.