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    Please recommend CCTV POE setup

    thanks for the reply. I'd be happy to pay around £170 a camera, must be PoE and hope it works alongside my current UCAM indoor camera with the same monitoring software.
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    Please recommend CCTV POE setup

    Hi, I'm planning on setting up CCTV around my house with IP Camera's with POE. A Few questions - Im looking at external grade CAT6 Ethernet cable that is waterproof and UV resistant. There is also the option to buy a Shielded version of this cable for a bit more money. Do I need this ...
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    r50 ses downlights need replacing

    the fire rated ones seem to be only a couple of pounds more than the non-fire rated ones. happy to spend the extra for the protection is provides though i dont believe theres a legal requirement for me to have this in my house. Only issue I have is that im not keen on enlarging the...
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    r50 ses downlights need replacing

    Hi, I have R50 SES downlights fitted in my kitchen, hallway and living room with halogen bulbs Ive tried fitting replacing the halogen with SES R50 LEDs in them but some just wont screw in properly! ive decided to replace all the fittings with the modern GU10 fittings as the LEDs for them...