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    Wet Dash Marks

    My son's new build house has wet dash on the walls, and was completed some weeks ago. However, there are what appears to be wet/damp marks. Anybody advise what is causing this. Surely it can't be drying, as it is the wall exposed to the sun most of the day. Other walls that are in shade, do not...
  2. Wet Dash 2

    Wet Dash 2

  3. Wet Dash 1

    Wet Dash 1

  4. My Pics

    My Pics

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    Laminate flooring underlay

    Is PU foam underlay suitable for laminate flooring? The subfloor is concrete. My son is switching to laminate and has just lifted his carpet. The PU foam underlay is in perfect condition.
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    What is this board and can we get it in the UK?

    I am considering building my own garden shed along the lines of the youtube video link posted. Can anyone advise what the chipboard/osb cladding boards at 50:42 are called, and are they available in the UK? TIA
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    Joining butcher block worktops

    Advice please for my new kitchen installation. The worktops are solid wood, walnut butcher block. I have 2 corners to make, and the choice is butt join or mitre join. I think the mitre joint will be the neatest finish and would prefer this. Is there any reason that the butt joint would be the...
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    Paint roller help

    OK, I have just had my living room re-plastered and is is a really smooth, almost glass like finish. Bought myself paint for walls, got the Dulux Matt Endurance+ range of paint. Now, paint rollers. I had no idea there was such a vast range, and there is a need to select the correct roller for...
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    Flooring advice requested

    So I'll use 12mm ply in kitchen, would I not need to sub floor the loby & living room? Will I require underlay for the engineered wooden floor? Apologies, but not quite sure what you mean by go over the floorboards in the lobby an living room.
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    Flooring advice requested

    OK, two issues here. I am going to lay Polyflor Camaro Loc vinyl in my kitchen as it seems to have the properties best suited to our kitchen. I am also going to lay engineered wood flooring through the loby and into our living room. Now, my house is fairly old, and the floorboards are a bit...
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    Help with base for garden shed

    My old garden shed was rotten and beyond repair. It was built on a slab base, but was never level. The slabs were laid on that red sand/grit and had sunk/moved. The old shed was only sitting on the slabs at the periphery. Anyway, now to dry and do a better job. Have have lifted the slabs and...
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    Garden Shed replacement

    Shed has two vents, one on each end.
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    Garden Shed replacement

    I am considering buying an 8' x 10' Lifetime plastic shed from Costco to replace my rotting wood shed. Build quality seems to be very good (in store). They are manufactured in good old USA. Anybody got one of these and offer a review. Will they stand up to our lovely Scottish weather? Or am I...
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    Which vibrating plate?

    Thanks guys, and noted about the weed control matting.
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    Which vibrating plate?

    After many years of looking at an eyesore of a path in my back garden, i have decided to lay a new path. I have dug out the area and put sleepers as edging. The soil is very clay and sticky. I am going to level this out as best as I can, then put weed control matting down. Next will be Type 1...