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    kitchen revamp

    Thats good, cos your gonna be doing exactly that.
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    How many 25kg bags to a cubic metre?

    Im sure some of you clever guys know this answer..... Ive had ranges from 44 to 60 per m3. Any clarification welcome.....
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    Mix ratio of C40 concrete

    I have been recommended a readymix bag of concreting with a strength of 40n. Is this sufficient? And in answer to your smartass comment freddie, this is a new build that we have to cast as a first ring then an underpin ring then the base, this is all specified by an engineer. There is...
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    Table saw just died!

    Look after them brushes, apparently Titan dont sell replacements!!
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    Titan sds drill/breaker

    Bought it from screwfix in october took the render off of a 3 bed semi, just started to use it for taking some tiles of a concrete floor and it packed in! All it needs in new brushes! Screxfix cant get em, Titan dont sell em!!! So they say i can take it back and get a new one!! Not bad new...
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    kitchen revamp

    She wants hi gloss let her paint it! get a beer from the fridge go and watch the footie! Jobs agoodun!
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    Mix ratio of C40 concrete

    Thanks Tony! Just to specify we are using ballast and cement, i was thinking 3: 1: with minimal water to comply with the slump test.
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    Mix ratio of C40 concrete

    Weve got to mix C40 by hand for a top down underpinning job, as the pins are quite small we are going to mix it by hand, i cant seem to find a ratio for c40, most other mixes, but not C40....any words of wisdom appreciated.
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    best place to buy epdm rubber roof supplies

    Avenir Roofing supplies
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    EPDM Adhesive

    Not sure where your buying it from but the waterbased you can get 2.5 lt tins and the contact in 1 lt tins. You should only use the contact adeshive for upstands and dressing the corners. I get mine from Avenir roofing. Im sure you will find a use for the contact somewhere else!
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    Cost of Asbestos skip in London?

    Is that including Vat? C o c k
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    Cost of Asbestos skip in London?

    Does anyone know how much an asbestos skip costs in SW London? Cheers
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    is 20k enough

    In this neck of the woods that would cover the materials..... You have some great family if there working for free...
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    Crack in pebble dash brick wall where extension joins house

    All a bit OTT, if you ask me! I think you should buy a nice shiny new build. The drains are not the cause of this crack. Grind it out, create a proper expansion joint. There you go just saved you a load of time and money! Thats just surveyors covering there behinds!
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    Base for an extension query?

    Hi, i have taken over a job from a firm that had fallen out with the customer over the make up of the base of his new extension. It was was supposed to be block and beam, but the builder put down a 100mm reinforced slab over a well compacted hardcore base (so im told!). With a view to...
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    Rot and risk of recontamination!

    Struggling to upload my photos....
  17. Rot 3

    Rot 3

  18. Rot 2

    Rot 2

  19. Rot 1

    Rot 1

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    Rot and risk of recontamination!

    A client is insisting on reusing the bathroom suite after we rip the bathroom, flooring, joists walls out due to rot. Im not to happy, whats the general consensus......