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  1. AronSearle

    Immersion heater cut out not working, 2nd time this year.

    My concern is that a plumber will just replace the temp sensor, which will break again at some point (as this is what appears to have happened). Are there multiple fail-safes/sensors that can be installed, or other fixes that will ensure this won't happen should a single sensor break? I may...
  2. AronSearle

    Immersion heater cut out not working, 2nd time this year.

    I live in the top floor of a flat with multiple cold water butts in the loft, one of the flats immersion safety cut out has failed again, sending hot water and steam up into the cold water butt (plastic). My question is whether there is a fix that provides added security against a failing cut...
  3. AronSearle

    Please help - What type of wood?

    Tropical hardwood, could be anything. Iroko is one of the more common ones used for decking. Why do boards need replacement?
  4. AronSearle

    PIV Systems / Heat Recovery Units

    Lots of marketing speak, but basically heat recovery 'sucks' the heat from outgoing air, and adds it to incoming air (unless it has its own heating element it can't put more in than it takes out, that is nonsense). Do they work? Yes, but they should only be fitted in very well insulated...
  5. AronSearle

    Fuel poverty

    These houses are no longer fit for purpose and should be demolished, or seriously upgraded. A bit of insulation and blocking the gaps around windows is a recipe for mould (you don't need to dry clothes to produce enough moisture for condensation to occur with poor insulation). Proper wall...
  6. AronSearle

    Bouncy floor - fix?

    No, and in fact they could cause cracking noises as they won't stop joists flexing but will mean more things rubbing. As someone said above, the noggins (those bridging pieces as you call them) are just to stop joists twisting, and once the floor layer is on they become somewhat redundant anyway.
  7. AronSearle

    Bouncy floor - fix?

    Firstly it is not likely a structural issue, just a quality issue. Half a dozen ways to skin a cat. One option is to remove existing floorboards and screw and glue T&G plywood flooring, ensure you have glue in the T&G and the face of the joist. Creates a diaphragm action which will stiffen up...
  8. AronSearle

    Laptop making strange noise when playing video

    Why? Does not matter what OS you use, your use of the machine dictates how safe it is.
  9. AronSearle

    Laptop making strange noise when playing video

    1. Make sure its listed in device manager, under display adapters. 2. Stress test it with 3d programmes or flash video (media player won't stress it). Googling tells me that GPU is prone to overheating, such faults cause intermittent problems, until the solder melts and its a write-off (or you...
  10. AronSearle

    Laptop making strange noise when playing video

    Sounds like you know what you are doing, but If it has a new motherboard (and graphics chip), do you know the model number for those components so as to seek the correct drivers? The ones on the dell website for you model of laptop will no longer be relevant. If you still have problems, let us...
  11. AronSearle

    Laptop making strange noise when playing video

    nv4_disp.dll is a nividia driver issue, google tells me your laptop has an intel chip. Definately sounds like a driver issue, check to ensure you have the correct drivers installed (hint, you don't). Often video cards in laptops will work with the wrong drivers, until they are asked to do...
  12. AronSearle

    Draughty New Windows

    Have thermal breaks (foam tape, expanding foam) been used around the frame? If not, then you basically have large uninsulated gaps around your window.
  13. AronSearle

    Laptop making strange noise when playing video

    Well the first error is as you found a Nividia driver error. And it sounds like its only failing when the graphics card/chip is asked to do something proper, More than that, laptop model, OS info etc. Shooting in the dark without this.
  14. AronSearle

    Reoccurring mold. Does the wall need treatment?

    Looks like mould and fungal decay caused by moisture. Eliminate the moisture, which I suspect is caused by condensation (search the forum for lots of info on that). Any treatment is a sticking plaster.
  15. AronSearle

    Foil bubblewrap insulation

    The multi-foil (bubble wrap?) insulation in this case is simply inadequate, it is getting cold enough to allow condensation. Originally this stuff was designed to have a vapour control layer (plastic sheet), 25mm *airtight* airspace / multi-foil / 25mm airspace. The sealed airspace in front of...
  16. AronSearle

    In or out

    Because existing treaties don't allow that, you have to go through an exit process. You can of course just rip up those agreements as a rep-declared sovereign nation, but then you don't leave yourself with many friends when it comes to re-negotiating new treaties. A few years of EU payments is...
  17. AronSearle

    US building, heat loss through roof

    Silly topic. 30% of UK houses have less than 125mm loft insulation (less than meaning some could have only half that and some none at all). Half of UK houses have no wall insulation, that's probably worse than the US given that they use timber frame much more than we do.
  18. AronSearle

    Tarantino's denigration of "Movie Music"

    There is a LOT of bland generic movie music though, the sort of stuff you can listen to hours for as background noise, but none of it every really sticks in your head. That's how I take the comment. And as said, could care less about any silly arguments about 'ghetto' being racist.
  19. AronSearle

    British Gas free loft insulation nightmare

    +1 to what KenGMac says, particularly that the insulation needs to be ripped out pronto, it can't be left to dry, it just has to be replaced. Sounds like a right cock up on their part, and you want to ensure they don't try and wriggle out of anything. Make sure you check any terms and...
  20. AronSearle

    tung oil

    Oxalic acid cleans iron staining (iron staining is the blue/black staining), tannin staining is more dark brown and happens because the tannins are water soluble and can deposit on the surface. I am not sure it is either of those. Possible that you did not fully sand it, and the patchy...