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    Where can i vent a bathroom fan without drilling through walls?

    extractor fan roof vent kit
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    MVR Stat

    This company suggests they can supply a stat that meets your spec. You will need to message them...
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    Removing roof joists

    You really need to consult a structural engineer before removing them, it may well affect the strength of the gable end wall.
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    Petrol Driven Washer Drive cleaning Attachment

    None of those attachments will do as good a job as a turbo nozzle in my experience. I know it takes a lot longer but worth doing especially if you are going to seal or reseal imprinted concrete.
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    Adding texture to masonry paint

    Also sometimes called silver sand.
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    Shower identification
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    Washing Machine Public Liability Claim

    Part failure or ineptitude during fitting should both be covered by any warranty for the original repair which in this case seems to have been done by Hotpoint/Whirlpool so they are responsible for faulty parts they have fitted ( whether it was done correctly or not ) and any damage caused to...
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    Water Vapour Electric fire

    This would be just a guess but if the basement is ventilated properly I would not have thought humidity would be a problem. The only thing I can say is that over the years there have been a lot of posts about technical problems with Dimples Optimist fires of that type so maybe a brand/model to...
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    Good Techniques For Moving Appliances in and out of tight spaces on lino

    Cardboard, old carpet or lino upside down in fact any non sticky sheet material should help it slide over your flooring.
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    Help required with Bristan shower valve wall fixings please

    It looks similar to ours where the output can be changed from top to bottom or vice versa of the valve if the supply pipes are not as standard ie. hot on left cold on right. You will need to disconnect the pipes to refit the faceplate to the wall so you will have to isolate the water supply...
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    13a or 16a required for this oven?

    The write upon the Samsung website is rather confusing, says works of 13A plug but Power/Ratings Power Source230-240 V ~ 50 Hz Output Power3650-3950 W Energy Efficiency ClassA+ Oven Temp. Ranges (Single)30~250 (Grill 100~270) Oven Temp. Ranges (Upper, Lower)40~250 °C Oven Temp. Ranges...
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    Bathroom Cabinet Led Strip

    Don't know if this helps...
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    Neighbour's extractor fan

    Not being unfriendly, just stating a fact. You appear to be the one who expects neighbours to go out of their way for you. Try a For Sale board instead.
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    Neighbour's extractor fan

    A cowl instead of the current vent cover might direct the air in a more downward direction instead of over your boundary wall but I doubt your neighbour would agree ( I would not ) to having external ducting fitted to carry it further away.
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    Is this Bitumen Paint on floorboards?

    Looks more like staining from old underlay or rubber backed carpet to me.
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    Miele washer dryer fault

    miele washing macine drain pump could any of these vids help
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    Open Baxi Burnall style fire
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    Replacing old ceramic hob with new induction hob

    Who ever does the electrical part of the installation needs to be competent enough to know what the requirements for your new hob would be. Your supplier should be able to tell you ratings before you purchase a new one. You then need to know if the existing supply meets those requirements. you...
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    Solar PV - Triangular Shaped Panels?

    I would think that because the pitch of roofs can vary so much there would need to be too many different angled triangles to make it viable to manufacture them. Perhaps a manufacturer might make a bespoke batch if an estate developer requested a large enough quantity of them.
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    Miele Fridge/Freezer - Freezer temp

    Have you defrosted it recently?