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    Overhead telephone cable in way of extension

    About £90 + VAT if it's classed as "External Shift", or £90+VAT per hour for time-based work. Moving to a different pole may not be possible if that pole's fully occupied, and the other pole may go back to a completely separate part of the local network. Those are the wholesale rates - what they...
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    Plug extension to outside

    Is the circuit RCD protected? All new sockets must be RCD protected. Is the circuit a ring or a radial? If a ring, is that single socket on a ring or a spur? If it's a spur (and it could be run as two single sockets which was permitted until, I think, 16th Edition) you cannot run any further...
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    Is this batten light Ok for central wires ?

    The Screwfix LAP one is NOT central or flush entry at all. The only cable entry is the gland at one end and, as it does not continue a CPC through the fitting, is unsuitable for daisy-chaining.
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    New kitchen sockets .. SP or DP ?

    AFAIK the only restriction is that a central heating boiler cannot be plugged into a switched socket. Must be an unswitched socket or a fused connection unit. This is so that L+N isolation is assured, by pulling out the plug or switching off.
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    Draining a hot-water cylinder (title edited)

    If you have a hot tap that's below the level of the cylinder, putting in two tees into the cold in (bottom) and hot out (top) and joining them with a pipe with a stoptap in means that you can open the stoptap and then drain most of the cylinder down through the hot tap. Can be handier than...
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    Telephone Point Wiring For Replacement Cover

    The white one you've got is a NTE (network termination equipment) and is required to terminate the OpenReach line and provide a means of disconnecting your extension wiring, provide a test point to plug a telephone into, and allow the future use of service-specific faceplates for DSL filtering...
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    30 minutes with the woman of your choice

    Mary Berry. 30 mins should be enough for a chocolate cake. I can take it out of the oven myself after she's left.
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    Boiler setup for house with 3 showers and no room for a water tank.

    I would definately have at least one electric shower. It gives tenants a back-up (and so can save you the cost of an emergency call-out) when the combi fails.
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    Electrics in the USA - What tests are done for new installations?

    Going by this thread on reddit, not much at all for domestic work. Some testing may be required on larger commercial contracts. They do seem to have an unpleasantly high incidence of breakers being closed on faults and blowing up.
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    Cable Routing Options - EV Charger

    Can you bury it along the front of the house? You probably need to get a data cable to the main service intake as most chargers now (or in the future) have a current transformer clip-on sensor to go on the meter tail so the charger can adjust its load depending on what else is in use. You can...
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    who is responsible to replace the main electrical core in a leasehold flat

    I can't judge the cable condition from the photo, but it's MICC / pyro cable which can run at significantly higher currents for the conductor size compared to PVC insulated cable, provided the terminals can take the higher temperature. If you can find an electrician with imperial MICC tools...
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    Double socket

    You can if you make it up with modular plates eg and any switches or blanking plates needed Not sure if there's a flex outlet module available.
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    Failed RCD in Consumer Unit??

    RCDs require a balance in currents between the live and neutral. There will also usually be a slight leakage to earth because the neutral and earth are connected together. If the neutral gets disconnected the imbalance may briefly exceed the trip rating of the RCD - because more current goes via...
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    Replacing old wall double light switch

    The 2-way switches are changeover. When the switch is 'off' L2 will be live, when the switch is 'on' L1 will be live.
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    Advice needed on lighting updates

    You can avoid threading conduit if you use conlok fittings. More expensive than threaded but you won't be needing very many. An option that would allow flexibility and suit the building would probably be low-voltage tension wire systems.
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    Bath Shower Mixers - are heads, rails etc from different brands all compatible?

    The hose is usually a standard half-inch BSP, but the shape of the hose end varies slightly. The wall brackets etc are not standard and you will find that some permutations will fit and others won't.
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    Old electrical board - will I get an EICR

    MEM was probably added later for an electric shower. Someone doing a cheap job with whatever someone else was throwing out?
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    Colour of lighting switches and sockets

    For really high-end, you need the transparent accessories which you can paint or paper below to match your specific shade of white.
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    Sky Q cable

    We don't know whether your joists run left-right or front-back. If you're opening up the ceiling anyway just make a hole in the ceiling next to the joist and drill through, then make good.
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    Additional meter installation distribution board

    The alternative is not to get a new supply and MPAN but to use a sub-metering solution such as Landlord Metering to split the existing supply to the two flats into separate sub-meters.