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  1. HERTS P&D

    How am I supposed to fix this toilet?

    I would refuse to work on that toilet! Andy
  2. HERTS P&D

    Legal advice please...

    You could alwayys take a cash payment for the bath and fix it with a £12 fibreglass kit...
  3. HERTS P&D

    Listen to tv from workshop to garden

    I have the radio/speaker below: It can transfer over 30 metres away, could you connect it to your tv and have the sound in the shed? Andy
  4. HERTS P&D

    Showermate Eco Pump Issues

    Was this a diy install? Andy
  5. HERTS P&D

    burning smell

    Time to go shopping, new drill time! Andy
  6. HERTS P&D

    Connecting 6mm to hob cable

    Don't you shower before going to bed?? Andy
  7. HERTS P&D

    To freeze or not?

    Drain down every time, easier to work with, less chance of anything going wrong, removing and replacing water with new inhibitor. Andy
  8. HERTS P&D

    Misgendering will get you fired

    Don't forget, they also say "Be Safe" Andy
  9. HERTS P&D

    Hanging two gates.

    That drop bolt is fitted incorrectly. Andy
  10. HERTS P&D

    Not invoiced for work

    Only if it is a shared drain line. ;) Andy
  11. HERTS P&D

    Good Techniques For Moving Appliances in and out of tight spaces on lino

    Well I'm sure he would wipe the floor! :rolleyes: Andy
  12. HERTS P&D

    Washing machine waste pipe is this ok?

    Also replace all the copper from where the dust pan is, you don't want any of those screw in washing machine valves, they always leak when you look at them. Andy
  13. HERTS P&D

    Bloody birds

    Hey Mottie, I thought you were a bird lover? Andy
  14. HERTS P&D

    Neighbour's extractor fan

    Foamfiller will sort it out! Andy
  15. HERTS P&D

    Mortice deadlock - no key!!!

    I would suggest you change all the exterior door locks. Andy
  16. HERTS P&D

    Need to cut a plastic water butt in half

    Small angle grinder, multi tool, or even fine point hand saw. Andy
  17. HERTS P&D

    Paying a day rate

    I paid for 3 hours labour for my discs and pads to be replaced at a Ford main dealer! Then they replaced them when they went faulty 6 weeks later, it took them 45minutes, (obviously cheap parts) Andy
  18. HERTS P&D

    Tool chests, who are the good brands?

    Yes, I bought one of these tool chests about 10 years ago from Halfords, it was on a 50% discount. I have it in the garage full of tools, never had a problem with it. Andy
  19. HERTS P&D

    Paying a day rate

    Totally agreee, I had new front discs and pads on my Transit charging for 3 hours labour, after 6 weeks the discs warpped and had to be replaced. Guess what, they done it in 45 mins. Andy