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    Fire-rated Bifold door

    Hi everyone I'm aware I'm likely on a hiding to nothing, but I'm looking for an FD30 bifolding door. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? It needs to be a 4-panel style to match other doors. I'm not too bothered about the material/finish, as it will be painted anyway This is part of a...
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    Sub-base & insulation for new concrete floor

    Hwæt, Leofric. Thanks for this info. By my reckoning that's 515mm in total. Really don't want another 2 days digging and don't need quite such virtuous U value. Can I get more like 0.22-0.25 w/m²k with the 300mm depth I have? Thanks again.
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    Sub-base & insulation for new concrete floor

    Thanks for the responses. Yes, I've checked with the building inspector already (when he was round to look at something else) and used the Kingspan calculator. That makes sense. I've got some leeway with the insulation (was going for more than necessary), so there's room for more...
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    Sub-base & insulation for new concrete floor

    Hi I am prepping for two new concrete slabs in the kitchen and utility (12m² + 6m²) of a Victorian house to replace stone flags over bare earth. Following builder's advice I've dug it all out to 300mm (+/-20mm). What's to choose between the many various types/brands of insulation board?! In...