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    Mondeo MK3 Handbrake Hell!!

    I've no idea which one it is, I know it wasn't affected by the nightmare recall as I've already checked this with Ford. I have however held the brake pedal on then lifted with lever a few times up and down with the button pressed before setting in and this seems to work slightly better. Not...
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    Mondeo MK3 Handbrake Hell!!

    I've trawled the internet looking at tons of posts about this but non seem to match my situation? August this year replaced rear discs/pads and calipers as 1 had seized and damaging the disc. Before this no issue with the handbrake but after I've been back soooo many times I think I could...
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    New radiator now problems

    Hello, Its been a long time but I have a question! Had a radiator fitted back on the wall (its been off for a couple of years). We had an airlock so the plumber shut down some radiators and got the last 2 in the circuit to work but now they seem to be intermittant. The pipes going to them...
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    Potterton Promax 24HE Fault

    She isn't actually going to use it will be drawing cash from a machine on it
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    Potterton Promax 24HE Fault

    she is thinking that the credit card might take a hit!
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    Potterton Promax 24HE Fault

    My mother has been having issues with reliability on hot water with the above boiler and yesterday it totally went then came back at a mild temp. RGI came out and replaced a thermistate, boiler working all is well. Today hot water totally gone and not come back so the RGI came back...
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    Warmsure Again!!

    On my 1st service with BG homecare, he picked up the main heat exchanger was knackered and had damaged casing and so leaking and condemned it. A massive thing to miss for me. Needless to say after received prices to repair we've got a new one but if you can't afford that Ideal do a fixed...
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    Outside tap

    am no expert but shouldn't the black plastic thing be in line with the pipe for it to be on? It looks off to me.
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    combi boiler

    just had my boiler replaced nigh on like for like in terms of position etc and that set me back £250
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    plumber qualified?

    All registered members should be listed under the business. I would ring gas safe and have a chat with them its a freephone number.
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    plumber qualified?

    do you know his address? I searched for my gas guy before he came to give me a quote. They have pictures on there of their faces so you know its actually them. Very reassuring, but in your case I would be ringing gas safe immediately.
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    Pressure Loss through Condesnation pipe ISAR HE24

    different senario with me but same part. To replace a heat ex independently is around £730 all in. Ideal directly do an out of warrenty repair inc heat exchanger for £390 or with a year cover on the boiler too £440. Alot cheaper, although we've decided to replace!
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    Ideal HE24 System Boiler Condemned!!

    really constructive post :roll:
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    Ideal HE24 System Boiler Condemned!!

    onlyfitideals what sort of price do you charge for a replacement?
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    Ideal HE24 System Boiler Condemned!!

    could have cried when he said it. Said its a bad fault for a boiler of this age. So if I ring Ideal Monday this would be covered under their fixed price agreement? Don't want them coming and charging me but not doing anything. To be fair to the BG guy he was very good didn't feel...
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    Ideal HE24 System Boiler Condemned!!

    Had read about this in other threads but thought it may only cover unidentified faults and not ones that you know what it is and the boiler capped off?
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    Ideal HE24 System Boiler Condemned!!

    Well in 1 way glad for obviously reasons. BG came to do 1st check over, we've taken homecare out after we'd had issues with the frozen condensate and the boiler that it is. It was 5 years old last November. Said away set co2 alarm off. He took the 'combustion' cover off and it was...
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    Rainwater Harvesting Moniters

    My day job is on a local market doing admin we had a massive rainwater harvesting tank set up last June and only recently has it started working. The original company that installed it went bust last month but my boss is talking about moniters on the inlet for mains water when its not raining...
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    Loud bang when boiler turns off

    Did he check the pipework under the floorboards? When I changed a rad last year had the same. Turns out I'd dislodged the flow pipe from a clip and everytime the boiler shut off it was banging against a joist I think it was
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    Cutting tap hole in granite sink

    touche! (if thats how you spell it) :twisted: