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    boiler not firing up,

    :arrow: :idea: :mrgreen: Now thats done.
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    Smell in house when the toilet is flushed

    Hi M Mannas, I've read all the replies and I am sure that you are very new to this plumbing word. I think it will be better to go for a plumber now rather than inspecting by your own because you've tried everything and checked everywhere but not able to find the exact point. Call a...
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    Halstead Boiler - No hot water

    I think you must go for a professional because usually its not easy to repair a boiler( which is I think is a complicated system) by a home owner or a normal person. Please visit this thread for more views- //
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    Cold Rad

    I think in your case this is faulty heating pump. This can be checked only by a professional. Other reason can be air which is stopping continuous filling of hot water in the radiator. You can do it by bleeding the air off from radiator or a heating engineer can help you out.
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    spitting hot tap

    Exactly. I am sure that you have air in your pipes because you said that only hot water is spitting all over. This situation can be resolved only when you know some plumbing. If not sure how to do this, its better to go for a plumber. Meanwhile, do some research on net and get the things in your...
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    Choosing A New Boiler?

    Thats a good option and I would suggest the same. I am very new here on this forum and I think its very early for any opinion from my side but I thought this is the section from where I can start my contribution. Although Ariston is also a good way to go for a combi boiler I think because I've...