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    Problem tightening kitchen mixer

    Thanks! That looks to be just the ticket..., knew it had to be something like that, but didn't know what they were called. I'll try B&Q for a set later today.
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    Excel 80SP Boiler howto

    Hello, My new house is fitted with an Vokera Excel 80SP boiler. The documentation/handbook isn't available from the previous owner. Can anyone point me to a manual for this boiler, preferably of the free, downloadable kind. In the absence of a manual, I'm particularly interested...
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    Problem tightening kitchen mixer

    I'm trying to get my kitchen mixer tap tightened, as the body of the tap is loose and twists when I use the hot/cold taps. It looks to be attached to the s/steel drainer with a single brass nut. Problem is, there's no horizontal space around the nut so I can't get a spanner in there...