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    How to obtain classroom experience over summer holidays?

    A young lad I know locally was in the same situation, desperately wants to be a PE Teacher and not overly bright, may even be classed as dyslexic, so the academic stuff passes him by a bit. He was advised that to get into Teacher Training college he needs to do something to help his lack of...
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    Hire car dispute

    Of course if you could produce a photo of the exact same colour/make of car showing no damage, that'd be your proof wouldn't it? A trip to a local dealer to see if they've got a suitable car in stock might be useful? Of course technically it'd probably be called fraud. If you got caught/
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    Need help on Carpet edging

    Take the door off and trim 10 -15mm off the bottom and then put it back. trim the carpet to a nice neat edge, though it doesn't look the best to start with, but then that's your choice. Once you've got a nice clean edge, put a threshold down that fits over the carpet edge, something like this...
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    Brickwork disaster

    Agree it's a mess but if you're happy with the structural integrity of it, then I'd go with brick slips too. Here's some that are a close(ish) match to your neighbours wall and not overly expensive.
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    Makita 18v Li-ion battery has just stopped! :(

    Since you only bought it last August it's still under warranty. If it does it again, take it back to the shop where you bought it and get a replacement. DON'T accept a repair. Hold out for a new one. Bought one at an auction a year or so ago for £25 and the battery wouldn't hold a charge...
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    Summerhouse /pub shed what size?

    My son's got one in his garden, it's about 20 x 12 and seems an OK size for him and four mates. It's got an outside covered deck too for those pleasant evening. He's got another slightly smaller shed at the end of the pub where he keeps his bikes and garden tools, but the pub/shed bit has a...
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    Cutting 400mm tiles

    Score the tile with an angle grinder then snap in the normal way?
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    Insulating roof above an old loft conversion

    Can you access the loft from the outside? On many houses you can push the second or third row of roof tiles up and that way gain access to the loft. Favourite method of burglary in some areas
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    Sandblasting oak beams

    Having bought one of the cheapo fifty quid sandblasting kits from ebay to take the paint off a car sill, I can tell you it wouldn't take the skin off a hot rice pudding. Useless bit of kit. You can have it for £20 if you like :roll: . If the beams are already off, take them to a local...
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    S/Tapping Screw prob

    Or even easier, hide the key so the wife can't go in there?
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    S/Tapping Screw prob

    Or even easier, hide the key so the wife can't go in there?
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    Looks neat BUT for $200 seems to have a zero too many in the price for me. And tbh I've bought so many gizmos and gadgets that look good but don't quite live up to expectations over the years that I'm unlikely to buy this, especially at that price.
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    ppaslode im250 2nd fix nail gun

    Had similar, it was the gas a couple of months out date. New gas and it works fine
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    I reckon it's that price because in reality they're out of stock and if someone is stupid enough to order one, they'll send an erk to B&Q in Italy to go collect one
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    I think drilling them out might be a bit drastic? Can you poke something down the side to break through the corrosion? If not you'll have to destroy the battery to get it out, how about maybe try a corkscrew?
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    Tips for chisels please

    Looks much the same as mine Mason and yes the black wheel is a sort of leather burnishing wheel. TBH I've never used it, getting the chisels ground right on the stone does me fine, and it's so easy to use I'm happy to touch them up every time I use them. A sharp chisel is a joy to use and IMHO...
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    Tips for chisels please

    Bought a Tormek T3 wet grindstone system about five years ago and it's brilliant. Has various jigs that make it dead easy to grind chisels, knives, shears etc at the right angle. Not cheap but an excellent tool.
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    Help Taking Double Glazed Beading out - Please

    As others have said though I always use a sharp 2 inch wide chisel, strangely enough causes less damage
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    Dimmer switch with a neon indicator, or ?

    Brilliant. The Manrose thingy is EXACTLY what I'm after. Guess it's a problem with terminology, I call it a dimmer switch with a light Manrose call it a fan speed variable controller. Bit like calling a mouse trap a small rodent manually operated imprisonment and killing device...
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    Dimmer switch with a neon indicator, or ?

    Thanks for the help so far chaps, didn't realise it would be quite this complicated, I was hoping someone would say "oh yes xyz have them at £4.50" or similar, didn't think it was such a mission. Tried Ryeness, thanks to whoever suggested them, but chappie there said they used to do high end...