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    New corridor in old house?

    We are going to split two of our bedrooms in half with a corridor that will eventually lead straight into a new bedroom extension on the back of our house. So as you walk down the corridor you'd have a bedroom immediately on your left, then at the end of the corridor you'd have a bedroom on...
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    Fence paint indoors?

    Hi, We have a brand new unopened tin of "B&Q Colours Garden Colour" paint. It says it is: - Suitable for all types of garden wood. - Weather protecting wood paint. - Water repellent. - Long-lasting finish. - Low VOC content 0.30% to 7.99% We do not need anymore of this paint for our fence but...
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    Combined rainwater and soil stack?

    Thanks for your replies :-)
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    Combined rainwater and soil stack?

    Hi, we have moved our upstairs bathroom so need to put a new soil stack on the outside wall. In the place where we want to put it is a rainwater pipe with a "bucket style" opening at the top, (sorry I don't know the correct term), because it is a flat-roof property so it catches the water from...