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    Boiler auto at 19

    Hi, I am trying to keep my home at 19-20 degrees however even though my thermostat says 17 and I have it set to 23 the boiler will not fire up. The only way it starts is when I set the temp on my thermostat to 27 but then it’s too hot. Am I missing anything? In the picture I have it set to 23.5...
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    Buttons gone

    Hi, I’ve just pushed the button on my toilet and it’s disappeared. It used to look like the picture below. Is this a common fault and do I have to buy a new part ? Thanks.
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    Mouldy Shed

    Hi, We recently had a new shed built and after just a few weeks the shed is full of mould and smells like rubber. We insulated it so we could keep it warm as we also have a treadmill inside. we try to leave the window and door open when we can however anything wood and fabric is now full of...
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    Letterbox Broken

    So I purchased a new letterbox as the last one I had flap was broken and just keeps flapping in the wind. It all fits apart from when I screw the plates in they just come lose again by a light pull. If you post any kind of parcel the screws come lose. I looked at a few more in screwfix and...
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    Coat hanger help

    So I don't know if this is plaster board, my screw driver goes pretty deep into the wall. If I use a drill to make a pilot hole for the plug how do I know how far to stop drilling as it just keeps going.
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    Coat hanger help

    One two many coats from the kids and now this has happened. Any help please on what to do and the correct plasterboard plugs I should be using? thank you.
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    Aqualisa Convertor

    Hi All, Aqualisa are charging me £459 to replace the digital converter under my bath as even when the shower is off water is still passing through. There is a company on eBay charging £100 to repair and ship it back but for the life of me I can’t pull off the black outlet connectors. Pulling...
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    Leak after washing machine

    Hi we sold our washing machine but now when we use our sink we have a leak. Any idea what we need to stop it? thank you.
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    No tap

    Hi, trying to turn my mains water off but there is no tap. Any suggestions on another way or what type of tap I need to buy? Thanks
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    Changing ceiling light.

    Hi All, so I removed my old light and it seems like one wire I presume Earth it just left exposed. Is this dangerous?
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    Changing ceiling light.

    I can only see live and neutral wires in My current ceiling light and the new one I purchased seems to have space for Earth too. As I can only see blue and brown wires can I assume the Earth is behind the light fitting. current light New light
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    Lino rip

    Hi, my Lino ripped moving my machine forward. Any type glue that you can recommend to fix this? Thank you.
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    Aqualisa water outlet leaking.

    Hi, we have an aqualisa shower which won’t stop leaking from the wall outlet. Any ideas how we can fix this as it’s fitted to the tiles. Thank you.
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    Quote seem fair?

    Hi All, I was wondering what your thoughts were on this quote? Anything look excessive as I have no idea on roof joinery, beams etc thanks
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    Fitting a Douche

    Hi, I was wondering how much work and a reasonable price it would cost for us to have a douche fitted beside our toilet. We have a two builders saying £500-£600. just wondering if that’s a fair price.
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    Is this door a fire hazard

    We have a home built in 2010 and had a builder round a few days ago to look at our doors. He told us that our frames needed replacing aswell as there was a gap in the fire seal (image attached). That would let oxygen in and it it should be sealed right up to the hinge. Is he correct?
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    Builders Insurance

    Hi, We are looking to get our dormer built and a kitchen extension. It’s the first time we have had any work done and was wondering how to protect ourselves legally. The last thing we want is for the builder to make a mistake and us footing the cost, also if he has a limited company, can he...
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    New build dormer

    Hi, I have had plans back from our architect and before we commit to anything I just wanted to double check if anybody could see a way of us getting more bedroom space from what’s available. We were thinking that we could move the en-suite in the angled part of the loft so we could have a...
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    New build dormer

    Good news Your estate has permitted development rights for dormers and roof works, therefore, so long as you build in accordance with the attached regs, it would not require planning permission. Once you have more details (technical/architectural drawings) you can email them to me and I will...
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    Stair box with Window

    Hi all, any ideas how we can maximise this space. We have a stair box which my wife uses as a makeup table but we really need to maximise storage now. Would you remove the box and then build a wardrobe or leave it as is and build one on top. Not sure what to do.