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    By Law I must have new rads

    Well the installation needs to comply with building regs. The hp design will be on whole house room by room calculations. With ashp you need to heat the whole house at a low temperature, not room by room on/off control.
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    By Law I must have new rads

    They are hardly going to give a money back guarantee without the rads being correct sizes. The fact that you only use 1 is no relevant, their design must be to MCS standards
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    Central heating install query

    The PRV is wound into the cylinder in the factory with a liquid type sealant (glue). Sometimes these connections take a bit of a battering in transit or possibly manhandling into a loft using the prv as a handle. It sounds like the installer is ****ed off due to the job not going well etc (we...
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    Central heating install query

    If its just the PRV I can't see what all the fuss is about. Let Telford change the PRV or let the installer change the PRV if thats all that needs to be done. I'm not sure where changing a cylinder has come into this...
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    Removed and reposted
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    Central heating install query

    Is there a bit more to this than we know so far?????? If its just now leaking from the prv tapping then its a twenty minute job to rectify and still their responsibility to resolve . Have you ****ed them off ??
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    Central heating install query

    The installer should just get on with it and get it swapped over. The installer should have a margin on the materials and this a perfect example of why you should have a margin.
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    Central heating install query

    Yes, it is a manufacturing fault although that's their problem to sort out with Telford not yours. Telford will probably have a set figure they pay for cylinder swaps under warranty, if this doesn't cover the installer that's not your problem.
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    Central heating install query

    I'm assuming you have an invoice for supply and fit of the system?
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    Central heating install query

    Someone's got a rubbish days work soon, oh well this **** happens to all of us. This is good example of how trades don't earn anywhere near what the public thinks. That said get them to insulate all that pipework as it should be. What's that mounted on the rafter a camera?
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    Central heating install query

    I hope the installer hasn't stitched himself up by running all his pipework around it. Also hopefully you have left it accessible ie- not boxed in or built a cupboard around it, trap hatch too small etc. I'm not sure you could claim those making good costs from the installer. I have a customer...
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    Central heating install query

    Yes, installer issue to rectify at no cost to you. I would expect them to come to agreement with Telford regarding costs.
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    Really tricky kitchen tap replacement

    The water heater install is rough as a badgers arse, however the tap change doesn't look too challenging - Even leaving the heater in situ,
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    Buying copper pipes and fittings

    This really isn't a lot in the scheme of things, so don't expect too much in the way of discounts. Prices will be better per bundle of 30mtr
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    Worcester Bosch exp vessel and prv replacement quote

    Get another quote, seems expensive to me. Even if you did need to drain the system, that's hardly a big job
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    Can gas pipes be behind kitchen cabinets?

    Load of nonsense - run it internally. I'm amazed at the amount of external gas runs I see these day. Suddenly internal gas pipes are dangerous, generally the dangerous part is the appliance
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    Water always running out of pipe?

    Cold main going to shed/outhouse with water heater fitted?
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    My builder has cut part of the base of my new WC and bidet

    All this fuss about no warranty, what do people think is going to happen. If any Chinaware cracks (bar cut or not) the manufacturer would just say impact damage/installation damage. The only claims I can think of would be the glaze cracking or fading and they will wriggle on that I'm sure. Also...
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    Boiler quote

    Ignore what each item costs, its the bottom line that matters