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    Water draining from step base in Garden

    I have an elevated rear garden.Steps leading down to house have water draining from the join on the second step up.This has only appeared recently following a harsh winter. I have cleaned and rodded all the drains around the sides of the house but there doesn't seem to be any piping which...
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    Scantronic 4600 Alarm Battery

    Hi Guys , Thanks for the comments, I thought that, but just lacked a bit of confidence! As for the battery spec. ,What a wally, I should know better as it's my job! :oops: Keep away from my airline! :shock:
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    Scantronic 4600 Alarm Battery

    Hi, Can I access and replace the main battery fitted inside the alarm panel without setting of this alarm? I'm worried that this will set off the tamper function and haven't even opened the cover as I always seem to get round to this late at night! :oops: I think I require a 2.1mA 12V...
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    Excell 80SP Diverter Strip Down

    Nick, Thanks for that, I thought so but didn't want to foof anything else up and thought I'd check first. I'll give it a go tonight. Thanks also for naming the parts....I hate saying "thingy" etc.. Cheers
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    Excell 80SP Diverter Strip Down

    Hi, I am trying to service the diverter valve and cannot get the white piece (6866 on diagram) out. (I've obviously gained acess via the front cover in case anyone asks!) It looks as though it should pull out but I don't want to break anything by using brute force!! Part number 7134 looks...
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    Vokera excell 80sp Return-flow Valves

    Hi, Thanks for your help and info with this. I've decided (well her indoors has!) that we'll get the pro's in. Really frustrating :oops: , all I did was change out the diaphrams and the diverter o ring ,as I wasn't getting any hot water.(Diaphrams were melted!) Unfortunately I did it by...
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    Vokera excell 80sp Return-flow Valves

    I need to change the return valve and flow valves of my boiler.(Both are leaking after being disturbed) In fact the control sheared off the return one and there was not any excessive force used! I presume that these have sat in the open position for so long that they did not like being...