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    Boarding Out Loft (Storage) - narrow joists

    Hi John, Plenty of headroom, would make an awesome cinema room lol! Will have a look at what decking planks I have left from the summer project, thanks for the help :-) Sam
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    Boarding Out Loft (Storage) - narrow joists

    Thanks for the reply guys, @JohnD - so if I was to go the decking board route, are you saying to lay them flat across the current joists? Would this impact insulation properties..or squashing insulation? Or are you suggesting, lay the boards, then the loft legs then boarding? @Tigercubrider -...
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    Boarding Out Loft (Storage) - narrow joists

    Hi folks, Needing some help here, I stupidly mentioned to the Mrs about boarding the loft out for storage purposes and now she wants to get on with it. I've just been up there to take measurements and all was going well until I saw the thickness of the joists, they are only 1inch thick x 5.5...
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    Window Sill Replacement - how to level

    Hi Folks, So I'm in the process of replacing a windowsill in our kitchen which had basically every dent, chunk etc missing from it. It was a wooden sill which was coming away anyway. I have taken the sill up today and noticed that below it is basically...bricks and mortar, however the...
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  8. Window Plaster

    Window Plaster

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    Stepping Stones - Weed Membrane

    Morning folks, Just after some advice, I'm more comfortable with the internal DIY but as the weather improved a couple of weeks ago the missus decided she wanted to change our garden and as such wanted to put stone chippings down on the first third of the garden surrounding the pond. We are...
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    Shower Area - Number of questions

    Hey guys, Thanks for the responses @flameport unfortunately the walls were already plastered and painted before, I've removed a lot of the flakey paint. Onto the comment regarding pva and feel free to correct me but upon reading several posts on this forum it advises against the use of PVA in...
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    Shower Area - Number of questions

    Hi Folks, Got a couple of questions relating to a DIY Shower Room - I posted a couple of weeks back about the state of the plastered walls, these have now been dealt with and are now sound. So I have a couple of questions, I am putting a 1200x800 shower base across the back wall and will be...
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    Plaster/Filler - Confused - Retiling Old Plaster Wall

    Hi folks, Im after a little advice. We've started renovating our old stinky shower room and ripped everything out. The walls used to be tiled up about halfway, these have since been removed and the adhesive has painstakingly been removed too. As we are on a bit of a budget and it's not the...
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    Floating Shelves - Best Fixings

    Hi folks, just wanting some advice on some fixings for floating shelves. They will only be carrying decorative items up to about 8kg in weight. There will be 3 shelves either side of the chimney breast. One side of chimney breast is 110cm and the other 102cm. I was thinking of going down the...
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    Skirting Board - Custom

    Thanks for the help. I've literally taken a section to wickes, b&q, howarth building and numerous other no-one has the same height skirting, I agree it's a common shape but the dimensions are all different to that of standard 'stock'
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    2 PIR Floodlights from 1 Fused Spur

    Hi folks, To save running an additional cable to the external of the house, drilling another hole through the wall etc I was wondering if it's possible and safe to run 2 different PIR Floodlights from 1 fused Spur, in essence running a junction in-line from the house via an IP rated junction...
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    Skirting Board - Custom

    Hi folks, We have recently purchased a fairly old house (1906), and have high chamfered square skirting boards: I was wondering if anyone knows where I may find a suitable off the shelf replacement or can recommend a company that may do a custom style for us? Thanks in advance
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    Anything I should bear in mind [boarding out disused terminated chimney]

    Hi folks, We recently moved into our first home, we were advised that one of the original chimney breasts had been taken out from downstairs to the loft - it has been inspected and has been certified as safe in the loft space and correctly supported. However, for whatever reason (they stated...
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    TV Mount Straight Into Plywood

    Hi John, Appreciate the reply, unfortunately theres literally just two sheets laid across the frame with a middle strut going across, I could possibly get behind the boarding and put in some additional framework I guess. Current ply is around 12mm Thanks
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    TV Mount Straight Into Plywood

    hi folks I have recently bought our first house, an old Victorian house with a 36m2 living roomer/diner. In the front of the living room stands a “fake” studded chimney stack, there used to be a chimney here but then they decided to knock it out from the ground up and then supported correctly...
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    Vaillant EcoTech Pro 28 - Hive Install

    Thanks Stem, Im working away at the moment so have made the asusmption that the diagram i have in the manual is correct. In the isntance that it isn't and the board represents the one you posted what would the wiring look like for this? Thanks again for your help!