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    Concrete base

    Hi We have a very old concrete patio. We are extending the garden and the patio area, which is about 45cm below the garden seperated by brick wall, is going to be turfed. Question is do I have to break up the concrete and completely remove before I fill with topsoil and turf? Thanks
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    Garden wall

    Hello all I have a single skin brick wall running down one side of the garden. In an attempt to give my kids more room to play I am going to be extending the lawn/garden against this wall - existing garden is about 45cm higher than the base of the wall. This garden will be extended to be up...
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    Floor on concrete

    No, it was built in the mid 1980's. can I put any kind of vapour barrier down?
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    Floor on concrete

    No, it was built in the mid 1980's. can I put any kind of vapour barrier down?
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    Ceiling joists

    Hi Hope someone can help. I have a skylight built out of poly built into a flat roof. It was installed so 2 ceiling joists go across it. Is it possible to brace 2 joists/rafters that are next to each other?
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    Floor on concrete

    Hmmm, I have no idea. Done by the previous owner!
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    Floor on concrete

    Great idea! Probably a bit out of my price range. I'm going back to putting Vinyl down now - is this ok to put straight on to concrete?
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    Floor on concrete

    I have 2 rooms at the back of my garage. The middle room is going to be converted into a day/playroom and for the floor, I am planning on putting in a poly sheet, batons, insulation and then chipboard flooring – followed by carpet/tiles. I am unsure what I need to do in the room at the very...
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    Flat Roof insulation

    Thanks Tony. So this is a very rough drawing of my setup! The wall closest is attached to the house. The middle section is the new play room I want to creat, with the joist running as shown. The left section is the back of the garage and will be a utility room. Can I vent on the right...
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  11. Play room

    Play room

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    Flat Roof insulation

    Thanks Tony. What vent systems are available then? I am about to get the roof replaced so would be interested. So would even the slightest gap in the poly sheet cause a condensation risk? I only have the lights to worry about, nothing else coming down from the ceiling. And with the poly...
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    Flat Roof insulation

    Hi After some guidance if anyone would be so kind. I have a flat roof section on my garage, about 15sqm at the back. The front of the garage has a pitched roof. The interior section underneath the flat roof is split into 2 rooms, seperated by a double door and a breeze block wall. I want...
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    New turf over old turf argument?

    Thanks, appreciate your help. Have you experience of that happening to you?
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    Concrete next to brick wall

    I have 3 concrete steps which I want to remove as they are chipped. Problem is, on one side they are against a brick wall. If I remove them, will the bricks be damaged? As an alternative, is there any way to repair the steps should I choose to leave them? Or anyway to repair the...
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    New turf over old turf argument?

    Calling all gardeners out there! I have a small lawn, which is in poor condition. It does not have a lot of weeds or moss, but does have bald patches and dips. It also has stepping stone across it which I am about to take up. It is going to be extended into the rest of the garden and I am...
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    Sub base or no sub base

    Yes! Sorry, that is what I meant. I think I could get away with laying mortar on the concrete and the slabs on top. Any idea how much mortar I would need?
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    Sub base or no sub base

    I'm limited to about 40mm near the door. But then it slopes down towards a gully in the middle of the patio. Was thinking I could lay the pavers nearest the door on a 20mm bed of sand, then increase it as I go towards the middle, sticking with the slope as much as possible (If i need a slope?)
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    Soakaway drainage on patio

    That sounds perfect - thank you. I will go and get a riser.