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    Foundations near tree sand/gravel

    We had to do this, Tree had to be removed and foundations were supposed to be 3m but we were allowed 2m as no roots showed on digging trench. Block and beam floor with 18" gap to allow for any heave.
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    Old unfelted roof

    Hi we have a 1930 semi, the roof appears to be original and is unfelted. someone in the past has stapled plastic sheeting and bitumen felt to the underside of the rafters. I think in an attempt to stop dirt blowing through as I cant see signs of leaks. Can I replace this with a breathable...
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    Insulating 1930's semi

    Thanks for the replies
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    Insulating 1930's semi

    It’s like artex finish, I’m worried in might have asbestos as I don’t know when it was done.
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    Insulating 1930's semi

    Thanks for the reply, I was hoping not to remove the current popcorn as I’m not 100% when it was put on and what it may contain. Hence wondering if I could go straight over top? I’d like to do the hall as well but due to the layout, it would cut into the stairs :(
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    Insulating 1930's semi

    We have a 1930 semi, the outside wall is very cold in the winter acting like a huge ice block. I have looked at it and it appears to be 9inch solid construction. in the small box room upstairs at some time its been plastered (putting it politely) in a popcorn finish that looks awful. Id like to...
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    earth bonding?

    Ive looked on google but keep finding contradictory information.
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    earth bonding?

    Hi Do I need to earth bond under my kitchen sink? I have copper going to the taps, but back to the water supply is plastic. I have attached an image of the under sink. Thanks
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    Kitchen worktop round a structural column

    Its box section, I have some sash clamps but not sure if i will need longer, thanks for information on fastners
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    Kitchen worktop round a structural column

    Thanks for the reply, I was thinking it would have to be joined I'm looking at a wooden top that can then be biscuit jointed? The steel is going to be painted with intumescent paint.
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    Kitchen worktop round a structural column

    We have a structural column 150x150mm that will sit in a kitchen Island. what is the best way to fit the worktop round this? Thnaks
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    What thickness OSB

    Hi, I need to build a stud wall to bring the old wall in our kitchen out to match the new wall on the extension to allow us to run kitchen cabinets along the entire run. We are going to use Ikea cabinets, these use a rail that the cabinets hang off. Will 9mm OSB be thick enough or do I need...
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    damp at base of chimney

    We have a 1930's semi. I have opened the builders break on a disused chimney, but we have damp at the base. Would this most likely be from the base or from needing the chimney capped? I can get the chimney fitted with a cowl, but could it be rising damp and maybe need a chemical DPM? Thanks for...
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    Warm roof sealing

    Thanks for the reply. do I need to put a VCL over these bits?
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    Which multi-tool to get?

    I bought a Ferrex Wall chaser from them, its very well built, really solid. I bought a Multi tool from Lidl years back, its not as well made the switch is rubbish on it and its so noisy.
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    RSJ being supported right?

    We were supposed to do something similar basically a RSJ with two steel supports one at each end these were to be resin bonded into a concrete pad, that had to be dug to a certain depth. We had a SE do all the calculations.
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    Warm roof sealing

    We are in the middle of a rear extension, this has a warm roof. where the joists run over the external wall there was a gap between the insulation and the wall. i.e letting in cold air from the soffit, this would have been below the warm roof and above the plasterboard ceiling. I also had the...
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    insulating and boarding RSJ's

    I have several RSJ to board out, one is above a set of external doors I gather this has to be insulated with PIR, to stop thermal bridging and then either fireboard or double boarded? Inside the house I have two steels and a steel support post. the two steels sit either side of a cold roof...
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    SBR to seal bitumen ?

    i am removing a parquet floor as we're extending and replacing with anew floor throughout. The parquet is fixed with bitumen, it is only a thin coat. Can I use SBR to seal before using a self levelling compound? Thanks
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    new floor with part UHF

    Thanks for the reply, so I would be ok with engineered wood or laminate? thanks