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  1. maltaron

    Problem with e-mail in windows live mail

    Both my wife's e-mail and my special e-mail both work fine. But my e-mail using my own e-mail address continually fails with user name and passwords not accepted although they are known to be correct. The problem is the same with 3 computers. Can anyone suggest an answer? For info several user...
  2. maltaron

    Autoroute setup file missing

    Has any a copy of AR.INI. If so can you post a link to it TIA
  3. maltaron

    Best evergreen outdoor xmas tree

    I am thinking of putting a xmas tree in a large pot outside my patio doors.(could go in the ground if necessary). It will be decorated at Christmas but needs to look nice throughout the year. What is the best variety to use? TIA
  4. maltaron

    PDF reader

    Adobe PDF reader downloads fine but installation fails on Win 7 although adobe say its OK on Win 7. Anyone else had this problem
  5. maltaron

    immersion heater length

    To answer the questions: the cylinder is vented (normal header tank and cylinder). The reason for asking is that I have fitted one of those devices which diverts surplus solar power to the immersion heater. The immersion heater is 27" and came from the original 36" copper cylinder. I now have a...
  6. maltaron

    immersion heater length

    The label on my hot water cylinder gives the maximum immersion heater length as 860 mm. I would expect as that is the max allowed length then a heater of that size would be available. I can't find one! is that length available?
  7. maltaron

    Internet on the move

    I have just purchased a campervan and was wondering how safe is the internet at service stations, campsites, supermarkets etc. Has anyone experienced any problems?
  8. maltaron


    Does anyone know anything about takeuchi excavators?
  9. maltaron

    Fitting a 27 inch 1Kw Immersion Heater Element

    I use oil for heating, hot water and cooking. I have recently installed a solar diverter. We used to run the oil fired boiler on Sunday morning for hot water when the wife does all her baking and cooking. It's not switched on now as even on dull days we get a cylinder full of water at 55c from...
  10. maltaron

    wheel nut torque peugeot 307

    Many thanks Ron
  11. maltaron

    wheel nut torque peugeot 307

    Does anyone know the answer to this in PSI?
  12. maltaron

    Peugeot boxer beeps

    Problem solved!! I had somehow put it into servicing mode. Thanks for help
  13. maltaron

    Peugeot boxer beeps

    Update on problem! First, the vehicle was not dealer purchased, it is 1997 model. Left overnight and beep still exists and vehicle starts with no problem without activating the immobiliser defeat. So it seems to be an immobiliser problem. A bit more info as to when it started, I stopped at a...
  14. maltaron

    Peugeot boxer beeps

    I have just purchased a Peugeot Boxer camper van. All well till I filled up with fuel, then a continuous beeping sound (a beep every 5 seconds or so) started and I can't stop it even with the ignition turned off. Can anyone help?
  15. maltaron

    Shower Heating Costs: Gas vs Electricity

    I am on oil with an oil fired cooker/ boiler. Since fitting the diverter we have not had to put the boiler on at all to provide hot water on Sunday morning when she indoors in doing her weekly baking and dinner, we used to run the boiler 2 hours to provide this. I also have two cylinders-one for...
  16. maltaron

    Shower Heating Costs: Gas vs Electricity

    If you really want cheap, solar PV with a diverter which routes excess power to the immersion heater has got be cheapest. On a reasonable sunny day I can have two HW cylinders to 55C in 2 hours and with good insulation its still at 45c in the morning.
  17. maltaron


    I am having trouble installing AdBlock on both edge and IE. Microsoft store continually says there is trouble at their end but this has been going on for several days. Has anyone else got this problem or knows how to fix it. TIA
  18. maltaron

    RCD protection on immersion heater

    Prior to having solar panels fitted my consumer unit arrangement was as follows: 1. Main isolator 2 .RCBO for garden power 3. RCBO for lighting 4. RCBO for freezer circuit 5. Main RCD for remainder 6. Ring final 1 7. Ring final 2 8. Immersion heater 9. Shower 10. Spare Now the electrician who...
  19. maltaron

    Tiling over floor tiles

    I am shortly going to retile a small floor. The existing tiles are porcelain and the new ones probably the same. Anything special regarding adhesive? TIA
  20. maltaron

    Peugeot 307 clutch

    Over the past 3 years I have had 3 clutches burn out in a total of 7000 miles.(I would stress that I do not "ride" the clutch, proven by the fact that prior to this I have driven in excess of a million miles without a clutch burning out). I have to wonder if the garage has been fitting sub...