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    Intermittent hot water combi boiler

    My bet is that your plate heat exchanger is blocked, and needs cleaning/replacing.
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    Legal advice please...

    People who tile baths in should be taken out and shot at dawn. Reasonable accesss is a basic requirement for when things go wrong.
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    Greenstar 35CDI Problem

    As CBW says, it sounds like the DV motor may have died, which does happen on these boilers. You can see if its working by removing the green rubber cover and observing the motor when calling for heat/HW. You can also operate the paddle with your finger having pulled the motor out first, if the...
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    Pump keeps running

    The fault may lie with the boiler if the pump is controlled from it.
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    worcester greenstar Boiler issue (light wont stabalise)

    You may have a fault with the pump or valve, as said above, if so, it may have blown either the fuse in the fused switch which isolates the heating system, or the fuse in the boiler PCB, causing the lack of display.
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    CP12: Gas pipe query

    The OP stated in the first post that RGI had stated "gas pipe not adequately protected"
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    CP12: Gas pipe query

    CP12 is not pass or fail, it's a record of what is found at that time. The RGI is correct in pointing out the corrosion at the bottom of the pipe caused by contact with mortar/screed.
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    NEW Air Source Heat Pump - house is cold :(

    Chuck the ASHP in a skip and go back to gas ;)
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    Ideal classic RS40 not staying on burn.

    The Classic is a bomb proof boiler, as said by others, parts are easily obtainable. I would take 3+ hrs to change a mid pos valve if I had to do it blindfolded, with one hand.
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    Hanging baskets on Monocouche

    Evening all, I normally post in another subject on this forum, hence post count. I recently rendered my garage with (cotton white) monocouche, and would love to hang a couple of baskets on it for the summer but I'm concerned about staining the render, would appreciate honest opinions please. I...
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    Ideal es38 pressure gauge

    Have another look under the boiler, it may be on the flow pipe (far left)
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    New (ish) Tap Leaking...

    I can't quite see from the pic, but is there a retaining collar at the very top of the tap body which unscrews? Have come across the occasional tap spout which is a pushfit inside tap body.
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    Gas pipe question..

    A quick look at the gas pressure of the existing boiler will give a good idea of whether the pipe needs upgrading or not. It is nonsense to suggest "all boilers must have a 22mm supply", all gas appliances must have no more than a 1mb drop in pressure from the meter, regardless of pipe size.
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    I cut the waste pipe short , what do I do.

    That's awkward, I presume you can't just replace short piece? Is there room to insert a coupler, and a short piece of pipe? Maybe try and search for a M/F coupler equal sizes fit trap onto male end.
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    Air lock(s) or sludge blockages?

    As said, you'll find blockage in or around cold feed, you can normally find it with a magnet.
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    Mixer tap (cold) not working.

    A bog standard "tap reviver" set will fit that. Personally, I'd bin it off and replace it.
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    Ideal Logic boiler - faulty gas valve

    Your boiler has a well documented problem which needs sorting by someone familiar with Logics, hopefully it will cost you very little .
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    Ideal logic plus

    Most likely the plate heat exchanger is scaled up and needs cleaning/changing. Difficult to know without being in front of it. Easy job for a competent gas bod.
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    Unblocking 10mm CH Pipes with 12V Air Compressor

    If you have non barrier pipe fitted in your house, then that will be the cause of your problems. I've never really understood the process by which it occurs, but non barrier pipe somehow allows atmospheric oxygen to enter the pipework, causing corrosion in the radiators, which in turn leads to...