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  1. Captain5691

    Bidet toilet attachment?

    HI I was asked today whilst installing a gas cooker if I would install the clients Bidet, I have never seen one of these before, it fits on to the WC seat and has a hot and cold feed that go on the basin pipework. My concern is that I thought a Bidet had to have check valves or a separate...
  2. Captain5691

    No water after turning the mains back on

    Hi Today the client had a faulty stopcock so I turned the water off in the road. I then had to drain his header tank etc to change several sets of taps, the problem I have is that after turning on the water at the road nothing came on, he has a kitchen tap on mains pressure which is dead and...
  3. Captain5691

    Shower Tray Installation Onto Sand / Cement

    I am about to install a 1200 x 800 quadrant tray on to an 18mm marine ply base, the tray instructions say to use a sand and cement mix, then add some PVA to the mix, this is all well and good but no where does it give the ratios. Does anyone know, it can't be a secret even though I have spent...
  4. Captain5691

    Fitting 32mm waste to an old plastic 29/30mm diameter pipe?

    Hi I am doing a cloakroom, there is an existing waste coming through from the kitchen, it runs behind lots of cupboards so I am unable to replace the lot, it sticks out the wall about 4" which I need to get on to! Oh and it's gold plastic? I have cleaned the old paint off and tried a...
  5. Captain5691

    Connecting to 1 1/2" lead waste pipe

    I used a Fernco and it was a great job, I cut the lead down to a level below the proposed boxing height, so you can't see anything apart from 32mm white plastic.... Job done....
  6. Captain5691

    Connecting to 1 1/2" lead waste pipe

    Great video very DIY :) Pity i can't strip out the old lead as their budget does not allow for this
  7. Captain5691

    Connecting to 1 1/2" lead waste pipe

    Thanks guy's The pipe goes straight down under the floor and they don't want the floor taken up so i have to deal with what is there....
  8. Captain5691

    Connecting to 1 1/2" lead waste pipe

    Hi I am re-doing a bathroom in a 1940's house, the Basin waste falls in to a lead pipe which is 1 1/2" in diameter, this is the first time i have come across lead when doing bathroom renovations. Is there a standard method of connecting plastic to lead? I have brought a 1 1/2" rubber...
  9. Lead pipe

    Lead pipe

    1 1/2" lead pipe with some sort of fitting inside?
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  11. Captain5691

    Glossing woodwork

    Guy's and Gals What's the concensus for painting woodwork, when i quote for a job i quote for one coat primer/undercoat and two coats gloss or satinwood, the problem is depending on how much wood work there is its going to be at least 2 days for glossing as its 16-18 hours drying time. do...
  12. Captain5691

    Bench Radiator Valve problem

    Thanks for feedback, Jake thats the sort of thing i am thinking of, as its a wood floor going down I need something to cut off the water at floor level, my ground floor pipes run under the screed so its impossible to drain completely, in the past i have found even after draining, when the...
  13. Captain5691

    Bench Radiator Valve problem

    Has anyone used these Radmate connectors before?
  14. Captain5691

    Bench Radiator Valve problem

    Hi I fitted a bench Radiator a while ago in the hall, its now time for me to put the new flooring down, the problem i have is there is so little room between the Rad and the floor that there is not any room for an isolation valve. I tried to upload image but not working today... Does...
  15. Captain5691

    Pointing tiles to Velux windows

    Thanks for that Surrey Roofing Estimator, it just looks a little untidy, but i guess i can live with that.... :)
  16. Captain5691

    Pointing tiles to Velux windows

    Hi I have four Velux windows on a low pitched roof, the roof tiles are flat and are basicaly cut down each side of the window, the flashing kit that came with the windows has a foam edge that butts up against the under side of the tiles about two inches from the cut edge. My question is...
  17. Captain5691

    Strange shed base situation - How best to finish???

    Hi I would go for the bearers under the shed, and a wooden floor i would also put the DPM above the bearers, as if its directly on the concrete floor then the bearers sitting on that it will allow water to sit under the wood for long periods of time. So concrete then some sturdy bearers...
  18. Captain5691

    Studio Flat cold water tank

    Thanks for feedback, thats what i thought why have it, i guess thats what they did 30 years ago but these days you would not bother and also feeding everything at mains pressure with an unvented cylinder you would have great pressure throughout, Hot and cold... Will have a chat with her and...
  19. Captain5691

    Studio Flat cold water tank

    Hi I am refitting a bathroom in a studio flat, the idea was to remove the toilet and concealed cistern, take down boxing section and open the room up to the existing wall line, and install a close coupled toilet. All well and good until i removed the panelling and found a cold water...
  20. Studio Flat

    Studio Flat

    The cold water tank behind panel above toilet