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    Looking to extend skybox cables ..
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    How to Move internet fibre broadband?

    The cheap ones are not "core alignment", they are only 'cladding alignment', which increases losses. Also, some professionals require an image to be saved of every splice they do, the cheap ones don't save anything.
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    Notable Obituaries.

    Len Goodman, 78.
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    Needing a long drill bit that isn’t available.

    It's usually about 70% of the nominal size. You can measure it with calipers to find the "root" diameter. So for a 6mm screw you want a 4.2mm pilot, but 4mm will be close enough. And a 3.5mm pilot for a 5mm screw. Don't try and drill it all in one go, the drill's flutes will clog and you can...
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    Master Socket in loft

    Then join it in the loft with a BT77A box and buy some 2 pair CW1308 cable to continue the run to the new master location.
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    Master Socket in loft

    I thought it went through the loft and down the front of the house? i.e. there should be more than enough cable if you pull it back up into the loft and re-route. Always avoid joins where possible. I'm sorry, Harry, 1 pair is very rare. Normal is 10b dropwire, which is two pair.
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    Bolt Type Query to bolt down Vice.

    Really... REALLY? You think OP should operate an angle grinder?! o_O He can't use a caliper safely!!! :p
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    Bolt Type Query to bolt down Vice.

    I think OP is a wind up merchant. The picture they showed of it is a stock image taken from a website, and here's a picture of a real one on eBay placed on a 1cm squared cutting board... Look at the second pic and zoom in. The holes are not 5mm.
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    Bolt Type Query to bolt down Vice.

    As there's a drawer underneath, I would use Tee nuts on the underside of the workbench. Nothing sticking out underneath for drawer items to snag on then.
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    What does the dishwasher icon on the left indicate?

    I think it wants Rinse-Aid.
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    How to protect a switched socket
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    Buying car fuses.

    There are loads of sizes nowadays. Smaller ones stop the fusebox taking up too much space.
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    Ladder security

    He would have called a colleague with a cherry picker and the job would have taken four hours longer while you both wait for the colleague.
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    Door to door pallet delivery services?

    As it's mainly for commercial use, they won't show the prices with VAT, but you will need to add it. That's odd, how on earth would you send something like a car engine? I had a flat pack sofa delivered on a pallet, all the wood at the bottom and all the cushions piled on top, it was over 2...
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    Door to door pallet delivery services?

    Pallet truck and a taillift HGV.
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    Laptop charging extension lead

    If that doesn't exist, how about a longer cloverleaf cable(assuming your charger takes that connector), rather than a full on 13A extension lead?
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    Kitchen Cabinet - Metal Stud Wall

    Use brolly fixings in the metal stud and use a setting tool. You need to drill and find out whether you have single or double layers of plasterboard, then buy the correct length of brolly fixing. e.g. for double skin...
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    Have I bought the wrong kind of 1-Gang switch?

    :unsure: The black wire is not a neutral. It is the switched live. It's not really the right type of switch, but if you like how it looks, put the red in L IN, and the black in L OUT. Leave the earth where it is. If you were hoping for the LED to light up... it won't.
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    Dipped headlight won't work after changing bulb/ fuse

    Does it have a relay for each side, or just one? If there's two, swap them and see if the problem moves sides.
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    Replacing blade in circular saw

    That will be a left hand thread, so you turn it clockwise to undo.