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  1. meb97me

    Finding replacement chain pull toilet syphon

    As it's our only upstairs toilet i was hoping to be able to find a replacement/parts in advance rather than dismantle it/investigate and be without a flushing toilet as i wouldn't be popular in our house :)
  2. meb97me

    Finding replacement chain pull toilet syphon

    We've got an old overhead chain pull cistern on our bathroom toilet. Ever since we've moved in it's always needed several pulls on the chain in order for it to flush. I'd like to replace/refurbish it but i'm struggling to identify the make or a suitable alternative. Does anyone have any ideas on...
  3. meb97me

    At a loss - Damp line on outside brick

    get one of those cheap usb endoscopes off ebay that plug into your phone, drill a small hole in the mortar to the cavity at the top of the damp section (or drill out one of the perpendicular (upright) mortar sections to give you a bit more wiggle room) poke it in there and have a look. They...
  4. meb97me

    Flexim Roof Putty - Any Good?

    We've got an old farmhouse with a pantile roof, alot of the ridge & valley pointing has failed so we're going to have them fixed/rebedded/pointed. Have any roofers on here got any views of flexim roof putty? I'm thinking of using it as to me it seems a more flexible and durable product than...
  5. meb97me

    Remove section of Oak Purlin

    We've got an old farm house which is in a L configuration. The attic has been converted at some point in the past by previous owners. It has a vaulted ceiling with oak purlins running down the length of the room. At the elbow of the room one of the purlins blocks an alcove however it didn't...
  6. meb97me

    Alpha CB24/28 Losing Pressure

    Yep still fixed :)
  7. meb97me

    Old Farmhouse poorly insulated Loft Conversion - Remedy Work

    Bump just wondered if anyone had any comments on my plan?
  8. meb97me

    Image upload broken

    same here
  9. meb97me

    Old Farmhouse poorly insulated Loft Conversion - Remedy Work

    I think there's an issue with the forum as i'm getting javascript errors when trying to view any of the media folders
  10. Loft Conversion

    Loft Conversion

  11. meb97me

    Old Farmhouse poorly insulated Loft Conversion - Remedy Work

    The loft in our old farm house has been converted at some point by a previous owner, however its absolutely freezing up there in winter and so we need to do something about it. I've done some investigation and found that when then did the renovations previously they seem to have used ~25mm...
  12. meb97me

    Slate Roof Verge Detail Advice

    Thank you all for the replies this is much clearer now :)
  13. meb97me

    Slate Roof Verge Detail Advice

    Hi I'd welcome some advice in regards to the slate roof verge detail required on my new garage build. I'm clear on the setting out & fitting process for the battens & tiles it's just the detail of verge I'm a bit unclear on. Would someone be so kind as to point me in the direction of a decent...
  14. meb97me

    Repair SWA Resin Joint

    ah *******s :( yes all 3 ends disconnected thanks very much for the advice everyone can anyone recommend a good brand of these joints because I'm not convinced of the quality of the last one we used. ie the plastic felt cheap and brittle and there was no spacers to ensure the connectors...
  15. meb97me

    Repair SWA Resin Joint

    yes i used crocodile clips and clipped them onto the wires so fingers were well away
  16. meb97me

    Repair SWA Resin Joint

    I've just disconnected the SWA from the fuse board at either end and set the resistance to 20M and I got a continuity reading across each combination of wires, would that suggest the whole joint is now swimming in water and shorting the lot ? L -> N = 0.62 N-> E = 0.9 L -> E = 2.85
  17. meb97me

    Repair SWA Resin Joint

    thank you for the replies I should have added that I can reset the RCCB and it will be ok for a while (varies between minutes and hours) but then it will eventually trip again even with the with the RCD in the garage turned off. With regards to performing an insulation test if I disconnected...
  18. meb97me

    Repair SWA Resin Joint

    Hi We've recently fitted a "Y" branch joint to the SWA cable that feeds our garage to run some power to another out building, however we're now experiencing tripping of the RCCB on out circuit board which can only be cured by the garage MCB being turned off. Having had a search on here one...
  19. meb97me

    Leaking Hardwood Door & Frame

    into which bit of the cill would that go? I can't picture it Also as the frame's obviously already fitted its going to be almost impossible to get an appropriate channel routed into it