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    Replacing Honeywell T40 with Drayton Wiser Heathub

    No need to be puzzled, I know the basics, but just want to be sure that I get it the right way round, as rather not knock out the central heating for a day or so while I try to fix a false assumption. Not that warm here at the moment and wife would not be impressed! Thanks for the input, that...
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    Replacing Honeywell T40 with Drayton Wiser Heathub

    I am trying to install a new Drayton HeatHub (1zone), just trying to work out wiring as I am replacing Honeywell T40 thermostat. Images attached of exisiting wiring and new HeatHub wiring diagram. Cheers Jon 10D3C2B1-6E84-4DE4-988F-3E8C1B45CB6B by JonnyGo posted 20 Jan 2018 at 4:34 PM...
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    Drayton HeatHub wiring diagram
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    Honeywell T40 wiring
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    Honeywell T40 existing wiring
  6. Install HeatHub

    Install HeatHub