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    Looking for a stay for a hinged lid

    I've been trying for ages to find this. Thanks for the link.
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    Looking for a stay for a hinged lid

    No, the piece does not have any hinge at the end. It is a flat piece of metal with an open middle, through which the bolt slides when the lid is opened.
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    Looking for a stay for a hinged lid

    I'm looking for a fixture to enable a cold frame lid to be held open. I don't know what they are called and so I cant find one anywhere.
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    wood treatment prior to painting

    I want to paint my house name on a piece of stained wood to hang outside. If I paint it as it is, there's a risk that the paint with leach into the wood grain. I want to seal the wood with a clear sealer and then paint the name. Are there any recommendations for a clear treatment?
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    garden bench with retractable backrest

    I want to make a garden bench with planters at each side. That seems straightforward. However I want to make a backrest on the bench which will either fold down or slide down when not in use. How can I do this so that it's sturdy enough to take the weight when leaning back against it?
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    guttering connections

    Is it possible to get a connection for Marley Flowline to Ogee guttering? Douglas
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    downpipe connectors

    Thanks for the reply. I cant change the downpipe as its concreted into the ground. What do you mean by downpipe connector. Is it possible to get a 65/60 downpipe connector? Douglas
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    downpipe connectors

    I have 60mm square downpipe. I'm looking to install a rain diverter but all I can find are 65mm. Are there any 65mm - 60mm converters anywhere? Douglas