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  1. martin hill

    What is the point of the low pressure cut-out in an electric shower?

    Pressure switch... So the shower is basically a kettle. If the flow/pressure is too low the water will nearly boil in the shower heater as not enough cold water is constantly coming thru and the steams escape route is only the hose. Kettle boils it comes thru the spout.
  2. martin hill

    Water Proof Grout, or permanent sealer?

    This stuff spot on. A big problem in showers with tiles is shampoo and shower gel residue. Its the additives that can cause the black mould. Always give the tiled area a good...
  3. martin hill

    Retaining wall question - Is this safe? Do I need to take action?

    It looks like it has one drainage hole at the bottom already, but if you concerned about the water build up. Rake out some of the mortar joints and pop in a few weep vents at the bottom.
  4. martin hill

    Textured concrete pavers

    Hi There Depends on the area. Is it a driveway or just a garden path. Had these in my garden Marshalls Utility Textured Buff Paving Slab 450 X 450 X 32. and cleaned up well with a jet wash every time. Got them in Wickes on offer at the mo.
  5. martin hill

    Boiler tripping out after drilling through water pipe

    When you closed the stop valves have they all opened up correctly again. Checking inside the boiler is gas safe only. Get the boiler looked at and a service at the sametime.
  6. martin hill

    Skirting advice please......

    Return the skirting and check out Other timber merchants or the MDF range in B&Q Think that 119 x 18 mm . The only other way is if you know anyone with a Router table to cut the correct profile.
  7. martin hill

    Workshop Build

    Why don't you make the left or right hand side so it bolts in place. This way you can un bolt and extend in the future. You'll only have two walls and the roof too extend and bolt the side back on.
  8. martin hill

    Making floor for basement conversion (ed.)

    Looking bob on. Nice and light and airy room now. Use either of the below for the skirting and the fitters won't rip off the boards. The grip fill is great as when you put the boards on you can also run a thin bead at the top edge of the skirting and wipe the excess off for a nice finish to...
  9. martin hill

    Ummm balls :(

    easy for you to say with a hot tub to bathe in if things go wrong lol
  10. martin hill

    cowboy builder

  11. martin hill

    cowboy builder

    For anyone reading who is new to getting any work done please read. Regardless of friends mate etc or worked for them and it was spot on always. do your checks. Gas safe if fire or boiler. Same with a sparky check they qualified to do the work. Google the company. Google the persons name...
  12. martin hill

    cowboy builder

    First thing to do is ring and ask him to come have a look at the issues. If no joy. Second thing to do is email him with a list of the issues asking for a reply within 7 days or so. In the meantime check if he or the person who touched the boiler is Gas safe and if not report him/them. If no...
  13. martin hill

    Damp wall in kitchen

    1900's house be twin brick with a very small or no cavity and if no refurb work done it won't have a DPC either. Burnerman advice is right on the nail.
  14. martin hill

    Refurbishing Outside Patio Area - Advice/ Thoughts Needed

    You could leave down and install composite joists as they are very thin and won't rot.
  15. martin hill

    New use for a washing machine - any ideas?

    If you strip it right down to just the inner drum you can make a soil sieve
  16. martin hill

    Cavity wall insulation problem

    If he thinks loft insulation ok i'd watch him like a hawk with the rest of the build. Please tell me you have not paid the total upfront too. He has quoted you for an extension which should include using current regs materials so it his responsibility to rectify the issue not yours. Get a...
  17. martin hill

    Clay pipes under new patio

    Chris pop some sand and pea shingle just over the pipe runs. When laying the sub base mark out the pipe runs with some stakes and string so you can avoid packing down too hard when using the wacker plate. Maybe an idea to scrap away the dirt and double check the pipes for cracks and leaks now...
  18. martin hill

    Dawn Butler exposed

    A lot of mistakes were made that day resulting in the death of an innocent man but people make it sound like we shoot people every week and we don't. Maybe if stop and search wasn't such a touchy subject for the police he could of been stopped at his flat and asked of I.D and searched without...
  19. martin hill

    Retaining wall - wrong blocks?

    Cheers. All painted now and looks really good. 5 and 1 for the base coat then a 6/1 for the top coat. When nearly dry i finished the surface with a damp sponge. Didn't go for a full flat finish as i wanted it a bit more rustic looking. Got some porcelain tiles to go over the pavers too...
  20. martin hill

    Retaining wall - wrong blocks?

    Mark you can get outdoor mosaic tiles on a mesh backing but expensive. I did a two coat sand and cement render on my flower beds and garden wall and it was quite easy for a non builder.