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  1. Craig Black

    roof cleaning (moss)

    the tile is still waterproof as its made of solid concrete. im a roof cleaner by trade previously a roofer. Moss is a protected species so you are required to scrape the moss off first before spraying any chemicals you can do with a roof scraper wire brush and a blade to fit the profiles of your...
  2. Craig Black

    What video game are you playing?

    been playing alot of rust lately careful, that game will take years off your life
  3. Craig Black

    3d printing

    there are services that will 3d scan any item you want into a cad file and you can get an engineer to modify it for fairly cheap
  4. Craig Black

    What size step ladder should I buy?

    how tall are you as that will add a few extra inches :D
  5. Craig Black

    Postcrete for a lamp post base

    set a little at the bottom to secure it and then fill it completely
  6. Craig Black

    French barrel/Roman tiles

    you can definelty use these in the uk, the tiles are just like a cultural difference