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    New boiler - re-use old gas pipe?

    Two years ago one of the Honeywell spring return s plan valves at mother's failed on so these are not without issues. In their infinite wisdom Honeywell decided that the best way to secure the fixed end of the return spring was a plastic tab since it's a well known fact that plastic never goes...
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    New boiler - re-use old gas pipe?

    Many thanks for the replies folks Harry, I have an unusual hot water system. It was a standard loft tank with cylinder setup providing gravity fed hot water. It's now plumbed as a heat bank providing mains pressure hot water with only a f&e tank in the loft. It still relies on gravity...
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    New boiler - re-use old gas pipe?

    With gas prices climbing higher than Edmund Hillary I think the time has come for an upgrade to a new efficient boiler. At the moment I'm in the cogitation/planning stages before looking for installers. The current Crane Cavalier boiler, a cast iron floor standing behemoth, is sited approx...
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    Honeywell V4600c Gas Valve Repair

    I've just had the valve replaced on my ancient boiler after the pilot refused to stay lit despite a thermocouple replacement. This fixed the problem as expected Being a nosey sod I retained the old valve and disassembled it to see what makes it tick and what went wrong. In doing this I...
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    Sealing an old system

    Thanks gemts I don't really want to start again so it looks like an alternative location is required Are there any other inherant issues with stainless?
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    Sealing an old system

    Hi folks, I'm planning to replace my venerable Crane boiler with something a bit more efficient, smaller and not in the kitchen. In fact I want to relocate a nice Broag of Valiant into the loft I've talked it through with a relative in the trade who will do the job (technically his employer...
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    Leaking element in hot water cylinder

    Are you thinking of something like This
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    Flow Rate Reqd for Thermal Store/Heat Store

    It was deemed unsuitable :( I reckon Kevplumb had it with chow mein though :twisted:
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    stolen pipes!! help!

    Are you sure you're getting new pipes each time? Well, you know what these plumbers are like ;) :lol: Seriously though munsen rings and a bit of loctite should prevent them from being easily removed
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    Flow Rate Reqd for Thermal Store/Heat Store

    Good to know He usually looks after me pretty well on pricing. One of many advantages to supporting the local guys
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    Flow Rate Reqd for Thermal Store/Heat Store

    I paid £76 plus the dreaded It was sourced from Gledhill via my local merchant as Gledhill didn't want to talk to me direct :( I run the stat on my store at 65 with boiler flow at 70 which gives me an average store temperature of about 68
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    air vent type?

    A good point well made and true enough How many do fail due to engine problems though? My car ate 2 CATs when a simple known comsumable part (O2 sensor) went bad. It cost me a shed load of money. If I'd parked it in the lounge it would not have cost ME anything I suppose... Are you really...
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    DIY Heat Bank

    The DPS units don't appear to be all that but you are still paying for their experience, their R&D, their overheads and if they're lucky their profits I'd estimate that if I booked the time I spent on research at a reasonable £10ph I'd have spent more than they want by the time you include...
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    Baxi Back Boiler - worth Changing?

    :oops: A little late but.... Why not consider keeping the current bbu and relocating a nice shiney new unvented cylinder in the loft?
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    DIY Heat Bank

    Yes :D and No :(
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    Connecting new MDPE water supply pipe issues at both ends

    AquaCare certainly don't use trace wires so I see no reason why BWHWater could compel other "contractors" to do so Well worth searching out a AquaCare van and having a quiet word. I know the blokes who moled mine were pretty amenable to a little bit of extra curricular work. Mind I plied...
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    Leaking bath

    At a guess what has happened is that the existing washers have dished due to the clamping force of the tap. If you fill the existing holes and redrill to the correct size the washer would work You can fix fibreglass (the base of most "plastic baths" but it's a pain in the bottom There's two...
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    Draining a sealed system using a pump?

    Can anybody else hear that? Kind of a flapping sound with the odd OINK..
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    Draining a sealed system using a pump?

    And replace the lockshield with one which has a drain off point ;) You'll never have the problem again then
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    Help with motorized valve wiring problem

    Did it work correctly before?