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    Bathroom smells after unblocking toilet

    Looking at your pictures you should probably be able to use a cold chisel or punch and carefully remove the white top trim, with that out the way you should be able to carefully knock up the top tiles without damaging them. With the top tiles removed you can use a Multitool to cut the top...
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    Build over agreement

    I'd submit the survey to the water company and see what they've got to say about it, everything else is guesswork and supposition. You can't chase the builder to fix something the water board haven't actually said is an issue yet albeit yes it's likely to be raised as an issue.
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    Fixing gaps around pipes in outside brick wall

    Expanding foam, get the gun type and a gun it will be alot better job then finish off with this stuff in the appropriate colour...
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    Integral Garage Conversion

    I'd be surprised if it added more than a grand to the job personally. The concretewould be no more than a couple hundred quid and a decent labourer should be able to dig the trench out in a day so again shouldn't be more than another couple hundred quid for the labour , then the builder will no...
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    Integral Garage Conversion

    The problem with the door removal/filling in is it depends what your current house has in the way of a foundation under the door and what the building inspector wants. Not all garages have a full depth foundation across the front where a garage door would be, it can be quite shallow in some...
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    Should this type of joint have olives?

    Went back to this today, the water feed to it was left off till yesterday when it was put back on so swmbo could use the washing machine in the utility next door and it seems to have stopped leaking by itself? I don't need to close the shower up for another couple of days so I'll keep an eye...
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    Should this type of joint have olives?

    Everything was new and is onto copper in the wall. I was fairly sure it was all on square and fully pushed in but I'll have to check it all tonight and see.
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    Should this type of joint have olives?

    Nipping it up hasn't worked, it's a very slight weep from the threads on the lower nut. I've isolated the water to it for now I'll look at remaking the joint tomorrow with some ptfe on the olive. Thanks Chris.
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    Should this type of joint have olives?

    Hi all, Fitted our new electric shower today and the compression joint for the water feed didn't come with any olives. I fitted olives when I put it together and I've got a very slight weep from one side. Just wanted to check it actually should have olives fitted. Thanks Chris.
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    Respect to this guy.....

    I've not really got the words to explain my amazement at what Kevin Sinfield has managed to endure and achieve in the name of friendship and no doubt will continue to do so.
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    62 plate civic wont start

    Get a battery charger or use better quality jump leads
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    So I screwed into a copper pipe

    Hacksaw, emery cloth and a push fit connector has it sorted, just need to leave it a couple of days to make sure it's not leaking then I'll make it good
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    So I screwed into a copper pipe

    Afternoon all, So putting up a bathroom mirror I forgot about the pipework to the basin and duly put a screw straight into it. Easiest repair will be a push fit coupler in there but I can't get my pipe cutter in, is it possible to cut the pipe gently with a hacksaw blade being careful not to...
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    Damp and mould

    Your not hanging wet washing up inside all the time are you? that would cause damp issues
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    Digging Footings before Building Regs?

    Who's doing the build? If your doing it then do it on a building notice as you won't need full plans then and can start as you inform the building inspector. If your having a builder doing it all then you could still use a building notice but you open yourself to issues of liability if you've...
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    Best way to clean up an old rusty vice?

    As you've got a battery charger I'd use electrolysis to do it, big plastic tub from the range is about £10 then you just need some scrap steel and soda crystals whole job will be less than £20 and takes very little effort but works well
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    Best way to clean up an old rusty vice?

    Do you have a battery charger?
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    Cheapest way to finish blocks?

    You can buy a flame retardent coating for wood that you brush on, you'll need to check if this is acceptable to your building inspector
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    What type of cavity wall insulation is this?

    No issues no, just plenty of it escaped when we knocked through into our extension
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    What type of cavity wall insulation is this?

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what type of cavity wall insulation that is in the picture it's a white kind of foam that breaks up very easily to dust. Thanks Chris