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    Who is the greatest prime minister UK never had?

    Diane Abbott! There, I win!
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    Alloy Wheel Cleaner This is simply effortless!
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    4 in 10 Channel Crossing Migrants are From Albania.

    My parents are from India.
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    4 in 10 Channel Crossing Migrants are From Albania.

    Well done! You are aiding illegal immigration by paying them. Talk with your wallet and do not support such establishments. The ordinary punter does give a bollux about illegal immigrants. It adds pressure to the NHS, to school places, to taxpayers funding their benefits and it also reduces...
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    Most annoying ad on TV

    Cadbury's - the ones where the boy and girl's eyes keep poppping about!
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    4 in 10 Channel Crossing Migrants are From Albania.

    No wonder the last census showed that there were a few thousand Albanians in the country ,despite them not even being in the EU!
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    696 migrants, 14 boats

    We are the lauging stock of ........... Rwanda.
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    Can't get the staff

    Why do we have a shortage? None of the younger generation is interested in doing Chemistry or Biology for their A Levels. There are too many school leavers and too many who do not go to university. Blame them. They are the reason we do not get home grown Doctors and Nurses. Our kids have to do...
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    These are shocking numbers!
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    What is the biggest issue currently facing your street?

    Every house is doing bloody building works for some reason! Builders are at it from 8 every frikkin morning! Cars are an issue as those who do not live on our street come round and park here and then those of us who live here struggle to find parking.You also have to park really close to the...
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    Male handbags - dealing with hot weather

    Ooh. I forgot. Jack Bauer's bag!
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    Male handbags - dealing with hot weather

    Just use a gym bag,p-120580
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    Sir Mo Farrah.

    Wow. Only in Britain! Sir Mo Farrah - every illegal's dream! And, he got knighted with a fake name too!
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    Tories Are Gone.

    What on earth is a office wallah?
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    Tories Are Gone.

    Don't forget this inflation is partly due to supporting the whole country and paying 70% of their wages for two years! Such a feat in modern times is unthinkable.
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    Tories Are Gone.

    Say what? He is, until you can show me someone who is better than him. Sadly, the state of our current politics is such that we have incompetent people on both sides of the bench and no one is leadership material.
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    Tories Are Gone.

    John Majot has written that it is unwise for Boris to stay in office until a successor is chosen. FFS, the man has not commited murder! Stop treating him liker trash!
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    Tories Are Gone.

    You can view it both ways. But, it seems we are struggling to have PM's that can last their whole term because of backbiting backbenchers in their own party. Boris is looking at all his ministers now and thinking : Et tu , Brute?
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    Tories Are Gone.

    This is very troubling. We voted for a PM and he has four years to do as he sees fit. If he underperforms, we do not vote for him at the next election. There seems to be too mnay party MP's and ministers who seem to think that theya re above the people and they do a coup to get rid of PM's...