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    Electric weed sweeper keeps stalling..

    Personally I'd split the machine, check the brushes and if they are OK I'd call it a day. It's common for corded tools to fail for no apparent reason - under load or not - and that can be due to wire flexing fracture as the cable enters the handle. Pretty sure that's not the issue here though...
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    Electric weed sweeper keeps stalling..

    It may be overheating, causing a thermal cut out to operate......are there any air vents at all? John
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    soot soark plug

    Yep, that's the original Briggs side valve engine.......not very efficient and they do tend to produce carbon, which is why they are all OHV or OHC engines now. I think that plug is correct - at least I stock that one, but not absolutely sure which engine it's recommended for. Either way, it...
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    soot soark plug

    That plug, looking at it's thread length is for a side valve engine........OHV engines usually have a long reach plug. Can you give us a pic of the engine please, from the cylinder head view? I wouldn't worry about the soot particularly so long as it's brown in colour - is the air filter clean...
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    How's your luck with Premium Bonds?

    £250 for us this morning (y) John :)
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    Release Locktite 243

    The end you are holding with pliers......any chance of holding it in a vice, or using mole grips maybe? John
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    Release Locktite 243

    The secret with chemical thread lockers is to apply heat, allowing it to soak right into the join of the threads. It needs to be quite substantial heat - as per a propane torch flame maybe - if you have one. Red heat isn't necessary, of course! John :)
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    Moss treatment

    Any roof treatment must be very gentle - certainly no pressure washing or wire brushing! Our roofs over here are usually slate or concrete tile - unsure what yours are made of! Chemical sprays may work in the short term, but unless the moss is becoming a serious issue then it could be best to...
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    FIAT nightmare.

    That's an explanation that had passed me's ages since FIAT came my way, in the '80's in fact but that sounds right. John :)
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    FS120 carb question

    The replacement carburettor may give you finer adjustment - if it is needed - but more and more carbs these days are becoming tamperproof which is an anti pollution measure. These items may prove more difficult to clean. I hope the new carb performs well! John :)
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    Double sided strong tape 4 car camera.

    Failing that, number plate securing pads are good too - motor factors have both but the number plate strips are bigger and can be cut to size. Great to have around the house too! John :)
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    FS120 carb question

    I guess the new carb has been fitted by now....maybe the one you took off is a pattern part? Who knows. Anyway, the tamper proof covers prevent over adjustment of the screws but unfortunately if the screws ever have to come fully out they are often sacrificed! John :)
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    FIAT nightmare.

    Just to resurrect this one........I'm sure at some time in the past, the sump plug was overtightened somewhat, that displaced or bent a flange that the plug was surely intended to tighten up to - therefore a replacement sump will probably be the answer. The threads on the original sump are...
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    Spray Stone Chip deck of New Mower

    Any under deck treatment of a steel deck can only be a good thing....I prefer a hard enamel type of paint such as Hammerite but others beg to differ. I also like to remove the alloy boss that holds the blade and grease the crankshaft it's fixed to - makes removal much easier in the future...
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    Generator Honda EM650 are those supposed to be idling if no power requests?

    I'll have to wish you luck Jonny - I've a plane and ship to catch the noo! Hope you can sort it. John :)
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    Generator Honda EM650 are those supposed to be idling if no power requests?

    Honda suitcase generators usually return to idle when there isn't any load.......other machines spin at 3000 RPM and the governor mechanism keeps it there. Brilliant bits of kit! John :)
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    Brake parts brands

    For me, it's Febi Bilstein which are also marketed under the Blueprint brand for both pads and discs. Einbach are ok, I've just fitted some rear brake shoes - but you get what you pay for, I think. John :)
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    2012 Ford Focus automatic

    Find an auto transmission specialist in your area - and that doesn't include Ford! I agree with the two posts above......I did this with an 07 Focus but nothing changed at all - apart from no change out of a £ton. John :)
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    Hedge trimmer jonsered start and stops

    I'd say that is a very early machine, somewhere around 2001 - 2003. Anyway, I'd try to track down a replacement carb now and here are a couple of numbers that may help. 530035306 WT-221 530069682 C1U-W4 (This one is a Zama equivalent). Try ebay, Amazon or whatever John :)
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    Lawnflite 703 tractor mower questions

    With my Mountfield, the chute was in poor condition with rust. I've renewed it now, and given the inside a coat of Hammerite smooth - which has definitely helped with the clogging issue. John :)