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    Building a block shed on a concrete slab, is this okay?

    Hi I have a 10 x 8 feet concrete slab built on very tough to dig soil. It has 4.5" of compacted Mot1 base and 4.5" of concrete with a rebar grid in it. I want to build a block wall shed (not sure what blocks I would need to use) laid around the edge of the slab up to a height of about 7 feet and...
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    need stronger radiator valves than Drayton TRV4's, advice please

    Thank you finally someone sees what I see. If only they made them out of "ALL" metal so they were strong and didn't have a weak spot:unsure:
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    need stronger radiator valves than Drayton TRV4's, advice please

    Hmm, expensive, anything cheaper and non smart for simple replacement but stronger than my Drayton ones?
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    need stronger radiator valves than Drayton TRV4's, advice please

    Hi, I have Drayton TRV4 valves on my radiators and I am finding the heads get broken too often, especially as we have young grand children round all the time. I notice that often the white plastic heads go a bit brown near the tightening ring part which seems to indicate that the plastic has...
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    How do you replace the brush strips on double glazed doors???

    How do you remove that brush pile sealing strip from double glazed doors? I have some Bi fold doors that are a few years old and letting in the draughty cold and I’ve noticed that the brush pile strips have become quite flat and so don’t work as well. I see you can buy replacements strips with...
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    making shed base question on geotextile membrane

    So I got this about using a geotextile membrane under mot1 layer from paving and showed my builder friend who I can't now get hold of and he said I should do this..... to summarise, its primary purpose is as a separation membrane , preventing the sub-base or bedding material mixing...
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    making shed base question on geotextile membrane

    Hi I am making a concrete shed base and I was told to put a Geotextile membrane down on the soil as it will stop the hardcore/mot1 migrating into the subsoil, but if I put that down first and then start smashing my leftover hardcore on it and adding some mot1 and then using a wacker plate on the...
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    making base for block work shed and need advice particularly on membrane

    Hi I want to make a base for a block work shed that will house tools and a workbench and wanted to stop damp coming through concrete base I am making. I was thinking of using MOT1 layer on top of my very hard soil, about 2" thick and then a membrane and then 4" of cement with one of those grid...
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    why would you use a p trap gully over a bottle gully?

    Thank you guys for the replies but no one has answered my question yet, when or why would you use a p trap over a bottle trap? A bottle trap seems better to me every time.
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    why would you use a p trap gully over a bottle gully?

    Hi looking at adding a drain myself as we are changing the sink position from the side of the house to the back and just making sure I understand everything. I have one simple question, it seems I will need to install a Bottle gully but there P Trap gullies too. Every explanation explains that...
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    Help please with building a 2m feature wall

    I want to build a feature wall in our back garden to replace the current 2m fence. As it will be about 2 meters high I think I am right in thinking that it has to be double skin, is that right? I want to build it out of London Stocks, preferably genuine old ones but still toying with “new made...
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    old and new London stock bricks help ?

    I had a wall built with old London Stock bricks that had been cleaned of mortar etc, some with a tiny bit of paint on or black on them and I have a load left over but not enough so I want to buy more to match for another project but I'm struggling. I thought when it said hand made they would be...
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    Anybody any good with connecting Quinetic switches please

    Apologies I have to add something, on the middle floor/1st floor I have 2 x 2 gang switches, one at each end of the small landing the idea being if you are on the way up you can control 2nd floor and 1st floor lights and if you are the way down you can control first floor and ground floor...
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    Anybody any good with connecting Quinetic switches please

    Hi, I have several Quinetic bits installed already but I am now thinking of moving onto my staircase where my boy is always leaving the lights on so that I can turn them off with my Alexa or by my phone. I also have Alexa controlling my Quinetic lights downstairs so I know how to do a lot of the...
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    Help please with possible 5 wire meter system (Economy 7)

    Thanks for your reply SUNRAY its very helpful, but what send the meter readings in, is that part of the SMETS 2 ability? And do I understand you right that the person fitting the SMETS 2 meter will ditch all the extra cables to the Teleswitch meaning the 5th wire isn't a problem as it will...
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    Help please with possible 5 wire meter system (Economy 7)

    But thats exactly what I did, I contacted my energy company and told them what was wrong and that is the reply I got suggesting that I need an electrician to remove the 5th wire so they can fit a SMETS 2 meter. Failing that they have offered a like for like meter. If anything it is the energy...
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    Help please with possible 5 wire meter system (Economy 7)

    Hi my meter is faulty, its actually completely stopped, so I can’t take any regular readings. It’s the typical wheel meter type (wheel stopped moving now) the only difference is it has a LOW and NORMAL readings feature with a little arrow that moves to show which one we are on. Next to it is a...
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    Process for turning on heated floor under Porcelain tiles

    Hi I have fitted some electric Warmup heated floor loose lay cable/DPM system and positioned it as per the manufacturer’s instructions to have the potential to achieve the maximum heating effect of 230W/m2. I fitted 10mm insulation/backer boards and then the special red sheet with...
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    damaged electric meter quandry what should I do please

    Hi trying to decide pro's and con's of what is best way forward. Our Economy 7 meter got damaged (a bit cracked and glass broken) several years ago by a meter reader who tripped and lent on the hoover hose pushing it into the meter to stop himself falling. The meter remained working and the guy...
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    Strengthening suspended floor for large tiles, advice please on idea

    I was just thinking does the ply need to be marine ply or will decent ordinary ply work?