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    Rad in bathroom needs bleeding every day.

    Hi Cliff, Our bathroom radiator is connected to the hot water circuit still and this radiator (just this one) constantly has air in it. Our pump is on the lowest setting. I use to use an Aladdin value but this has now failed (2nd one). I'm told the radiator on the hot water circuit will...
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    Wood Burner Flexible Liner - Docherty or Duraflue

    Thanks for the reply and the link. So many different makes of liner!
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    Wood Burner Flexible Liner - Docherty or Duraflue

    Hi All, What's the better product Docherty Fireflexmaster flexible liner or DuraFlue flexible liner, looking at a 316 Grade for a new Wood Burner Stove install please? Many thanks for any reply's. Cheers, DIYerHELP
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    different types of flat roofing?

    With the deck insulation boards you can use SureTwist fixings or normal screws with washers, eg. 106mm deck use 150mm screws with a washer.
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    different types of flat roofing?

    If you go for a warm roof where the insulation is installed above the joists no venting is required. Celotex have a product called Tempcheck deck flat roof. Cheers.
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    Composite Doors

    We've just has a Rock door fitted and are very pleased with the composite door, good product. I can recommend them, a tad expensive mind.
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    dulux trade diamond matt or eggshell -- any good? opinions?

    I've used and can recommend Dulux trade diamond eggshell on trim and MDF, tough and washable. Great finish when used with a good water based brush. Two coats should be enough, however, I did three and I'm very pleased with finish.
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    Loft Insulation Confusion/Am I being Ripped Off

    Bit strong isn't it Mointainwalker??? First post and all that.
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    Recs for gloss (already undercoated surface)

    Some larger sheds sell Dulux Trade, B&Q for example. However try this: Might have one local to you?
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    Filling Skirting Board Mitres

    If the mitres do not fit fill them with a bit of ....
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    Use an oil based undercoat to cover such stains, before emulsioning over. I've used this technique a number of times and it really works, much cheaper than buying a 'stain block' product. As for the cracks you can fill them, but they will probably move again.
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    cracking paint in door frames

    I wouldn't worry about it. The purpose of architrave is to hide the joint between the wall/ceiling and the timber casings. It also hides any subsequent shrinkage and movement between the two. It just looks like it has taken some of the stress from the natural movement in hot/cold conditions...
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    How many do what's on the tin?!

    Purely depends on the quality of the paint?
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    How many do what's on the tin?!

    Just wondering how many people actually apply 2 coats of liquid gloss on woodwork, doors etc? Dulux professional gloss state that the number of coats required is 2. I usually get fed up after priming, undercoating and glossing once. Are you a 2 coater gloss person? Thanks.
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    Vauxhall Astra screeches & squeals at low speed, now sta

    Thanks Peter... spot on! Found out today that the tensioner has seized, needed a new tensioner and belt.
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    Vauxhall Astra screeches & squeals at low speed, now sta

    Thanks John for a quick reply! I haven't noticed any coolant loss, check this at the weekend before the noise started. It's coming from the offside too, so great advise - thanks again. Bloody awful noise until the speed picks up, so not going to drive it tomorrow.
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    Vauxhall Astra screeches & squeals at low speed, now sta

    Hi, not sure if I have the right forum, this one or the Car Repairs below! Anyway, my Vauxhall Astra has started to screech and squeal at start up and low speeds (under 30mph). Today it has started to misfire/jump at 50mph and stalls at idle. Any ideas please? Thanks.
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    What Real Men Want for Christmas

    squeaky clean anyone?
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    Aquaboard screws?

    I used brass screws with Aquaboard in a shower enclosure.