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    New clutch/slave cylinder problems

    I have removed the gearbox several times on a couple of Citroen C3s over the years. Each time the slave cylinder had to be replaced as the seals leaked after removel from the clutch lever. This was obvious before re-fitting as fluid was dripping out the end. I could have ignored it & got some...
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    Glowworm Micron 60ff

    When it kicks out the reset light only is lit continuously. With the F3 in, the pump turned up a notch & the heating zone valve head off so that the boiler heats the heating system whether heating or hot water is selected it seems to be working (Famous last words)
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    Glowworm Micron 60ff

    The boiler runs fine for quite a while but then kicks out. Radiators getting hot.
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    Glowworm Micron 60ff

    Hi all, My elderly parents boiler is playing up. Had a heating Engineer out as it kept doing silly things, various error codes. He replaced the PCB, thermistor and phial. Since then it has been going into reset which I understand means it has overheated. Called the plumber back, he promised to...
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    What is this bit for on my bandsaw

    What is the L shaped metal rod for on this mitre gauge. I have two bandsaws and both have them and done a search and can't find what they are actually for. Help!
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    Expansion vessel recharge question

    Hi all, I thought I would check the expansion vessel pressure on my sealed heating system. I put a tyre gauge on the vale and no air came out. If I use a pump to inflate the pressure vessel the boiler pressure goes up but I still can't get any pressure reading from the valve. I don't get any...
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    How do I adjust these hinges?

    I can't for the life of me work out how to adjust these hinges on a set of fold out patio doors. Quite old and fitted to my garage but the main opening is now hitting the other door. Help appreciated!!!
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    USB two way power switching

    Just found these.... May buy a couple!
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    USB two way power switching

    Hi All, Anybody know of any products that allow two way switching of USB power? I have a USB light over the bed which I want me & the Mrs to be able to switch on & off using something similar to those inline switches you get with a table lamp. I could of course get some single pole double throw...
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    Hoover cable replacement 0.75mm 1mm or 1.5mm?

    The other thing to remember is the mechanical aspect of the cable. Vacuum cleaners are pulled about a lot putting strain on the cable. A thicker cable will be more robust and is probably why you find it used rather than much thinner wire
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    Swap Oven Socket

    You need to replace that whitecable, it's rubber & is breaking down as can be seen by the breaks in it!
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    Another installation testing issue

    Shower pump? TV aerial booster? Towel rail?
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    Faulty Electricity Meter?

    Is this a mechanical meter or a smart meter? My parents have twice had to have their smart meter (gas one) replaced due to it going haywire & running up bills of several thousand pounds. It possible for it to go the other way too. If it is in your favour I would keep quiet. Obviously just...
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    Teleswitch signal being switched off

    I've seen both types, the advantage of the time clock one is that it can go out of sync if you have a power cut & can therefore get some daytime energy at reduced rate. I'm not sure on my rates. i did the calculation some years ago. However, I know I am paying £65/month for gas & electricity for...
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    Teleswitch signal being switched off

    Hi Guys, I have just had a message from Shell Energy stating that the teleswitch signal is being switched off permanently in March 2023 & I have to have my meter changed. I used to have storage heaters but many years ago moved to gas. We still use about 1/3 of our electricity at night so it...
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    Up and over garage door - detached cable

    Well done. They are quite simple. I use molegrips on the cones & axles for safety when I need o adjust mine. Note: you are not supposed to use grease on the runners. A mistake a lot of people make.
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    5kw Air-conditioning unit wiring

    By a 20A fused spur I wonde if he actually means a 20A switch/isolator.
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    Any idea what this hole in the roof is for?

    I'm not surprised you have damp issues. Clean out the guttering!
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    Can anyone help identify this

    Not like any i've seen before but maybe storage heater blocks?
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    Up and over garage door - detached cable

    You need to take tension off the spring. But be careful as you can mak the situation far worse. Google, the make fo your garage dooe & there will be lots of videos on how to replace the cables