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  1. aptsys

    Hager Bluetooth AFDDs

    All modern RCBOs have some electronics too, I guess it's something no one has ever thought to mention before.
  2. aptsys

    Hager Bluetooth AFDDs

    Saw this pop up yesterday, thought it was interesting. Actually not too badly priced from wholesalers, though the Hager website shows double the price.
  3. aptsys

    Generator to supply domestic boiler

    The fans on modern boilers are quite powerful, at full load often over 100W.
  4. aptsys

    Extractor fan advice - do humidistat fans work well?

    The major cost is heat loss, likely to cost hundreds of pounds in the winter for the extracted air which must be reheated to maintain internal temperatures. Better to install an MHVR system if you want continuous ventilation
  5. aptsys

    I damaged my meter tails

    Double insulated isn't the same as insulated and sheathed cable ;) I doubt the supplier will do anything about it. You might have more luck with the DNO.
  6. aptsys

    Repairing a cut Virgin Media broadband cable

    Normally Virgin use a different cable up to the isolator, triple screened and much larger in diameter. Just call Virgin out for a repair.
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    Huge condensation in the bathroom, what to look..? Any tips..?

    They're dumping 480 litres of heated water per shower, I don't think cost is an issue!
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    recessed LED strip lighting in bathroom

    Firstly don't use "IP65", tape. The resin discolours over time, but also affects the colour temperature of the LEDs and reduces thermal dissipation. Secondly, use a good quality tape or you'll find the LEDs failing. I often run them at a lower voltage to increase the lifetime, since the headline...
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    Solar Panels with Batterys

    Originally somewhere around 230 miles on average, now maybe 150 miles which gets me 2 days of travel.
  10. aptsys

    Ceiling light fitting - live and neutral wires are the same colour

    There will be a fine thread in each wire to identify which conductor is which.
  11. aptsys

    Solar Panels with Batterys

    We already lost around 80 miles range in 3 years on our Model S, though it has mainly been supercharged every other day rather than the current limited charging methods. The batteries also seem to be reducing in efficiency also, with similar energy in resulting in fewer miles. Not great.
  12. aptsys

    AFDDs & Boilers

    No. They're looking at the current waveform with certain characteristics, in particular there is a minimum peak-to-peak current for the arc event. The ignitor doesn't draw enough current to meet that requirement in the first place.
  13. aptsys

    Electricity Use

    ~20 kWh/day doesn't seem excessive at all.
  14. aptsys

    Told I have to replace this relatively modern Consumer Unit

    It's not necessary to replace the consumer unit, but it certainly makes the most sense. It's unlikely to be feasible to do much more than replace all the MCBs for RCBOs, in which case you may as well replace for a consumer unit compliant with the latest version of BS7671 Current rating...
  15. aptsys

    LED driver fan

    The fan is there to run the power supply within spec, there is a ventilation requirement in the datasheet and I wouldn't recommend burying something like that within a plasterboard void. You could segment the LED strip and use multiple drivers instead.
  16. aptsys

    GLS Filament LEDs

    I've never heard of any issues with Philips Master lamps. I've still got many that are over 10 years old. Given the LEDs are all their own lumileds parts, I'd certainly trust that and the specifications far more over something from 'Home Bargains', whatever that is.
  17. aptsys

    GLS Filament LEDs

    I highly recommend the Philips lamps with the central optics to distribute the light. They give a really even pattern and seem to last well. Something like these:
  18. aptsys

    Storage heater bills are incredibly high!

    Something not right there, we have pretty heavy use, a couple of A/C units, electric cooking, servers etc. Electricity for us is £200 per month. Not much chance of switching to anything meaningful at the moment. Variable is probably the lowest rate of all.
  19. aptsys

    Number of spurs from kitchen ring main.

    But you could have a bunch of junction boxes along the ring final each with a single spur, or a single junction box with a bunch of single spurs from that one point.
  20. aptsys

    Number of spurs from kitchen ring main.

    Technically there's no limit as to how many spurs from a single junction box, provided the conductors can be terminated appropriately.