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  1. Iona Howard

    Help with different sub layers in kitchen floor

    Hi all, We're currently renovating a Victorian house and are struggling a little with the kitchen floor situation. As we are in a tough spot financially we cannot afford to get any trades in at the moment so please no suggestions on that or i'll cry. As you can see from the picture half of...
  2. Iona Howard

    Moving copper pipes in floor

    It's hollow and it rattles when you tap it, sounds like it could be an old pipe. Not sure if it was a common thing to upgrade to copper at some point?
  3. Iona Howard

    Moving copper pipes in floor

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone would be able to give some advice on how to move some copper pipes. My partner and I are currently renovating a house and we've decided to flip the direction of the stairs to give us more room upstairs. As we'll also be moving the stairs back slightly we...
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